Aaron Boogaard Arrested, Charged With Two Separate Crimes

The news surrounding the tragic death of Derek Boogaard is taking a turn for the worse.  Derek’s brother Aaron has been arrested and charged with two crimes: third degree sale of a controlled substance (a felony) and interference with a death (a gross misdemeanor).  Both charges are in connection with Derek’s death on May 13 of a toxic mix of oxycodone and alcohol.  The oxycodone is the drug that was supposedly in Aaron’s possession.  Paul Walsh of the Star Tribune has the whole story.

This is just awful.  I believe in innocent until proven guilty, but there are already people vilifying him all over the internet.  However, these are serious charges both in court and for the Boogaard family.  If Aaron provided the drugs that eventually led to the death of his brother, it could tear the family apart.  The biggest thing we should note are two lines from this article, a quote from a lawyer representing Aaron:

“One thing is certain, the charges brought against Aaron have nothing to do” with Derek Boogaard’s death.

The brothers’ father, Len, explained later Thursday that Aaron was attempting to control what Derek was taking.

Take it as you will.

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