The Sin Bin – Take 2

Last week we created The Sin Bin, a new page here at BSB that features a series of polls asking our readers to vote on the best and worst user comments of the week. This isn’t really a serious thing, we just figured it would be a fun way to get our readers more involved with our site.

Each week the reader with the most votes for “best comment” will have an opportunity to write a guest post. Last week the winner was yours truly, because lets face it, I’m a pretty clever. However, I’m sure none of you want to read more than my allotted one – two posts per week. So, to be fair, in second place and winner of the guest post was Brian SCS. So Brian, get cracking (just kidding, we’ll reach out to you with the details).

As for the user with the most votes for “worst comment of the week,” you will be forced to go to Suit University, or you can be publicly flogged. Your choice…

For week 2’s polls, click the link above and cast your vote!  We got some good ones this week 😉


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