Rangers Sign Mike Rupp

The Rangers have agreed to terms with center Mike Rupp. The deal is worth $4.5 million over three years ($1.5 million cap hit). Rupp will likely be a bottom six guy, playing on the fourth line. He wins about 50% of his draws and 50% of his fights. Draws and his ability to take the enforcer duties away from Brandon Prust are the biggest gains for the Rangers with this deal.

Apparently there were 10 teams in on Rupp, which explains the slightly inflated price. He’s not killing the cap, but it’s a bit more money than expected.

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  • Rupp adds some nice size, grit, faceoff & fighting ability. A bit more of a cap hit than I would like, but that is what the UFA period is all about.

    What does this mean for Avery and/or Feds?

    • He is just a little better then average fighter
      but it is a good deal for the Rangers. We can not expect a good midleweight Prust to fight heavy weights. Rupp will fill a need there and he is a better player then Boogart or Brashier was.
      I still like Colton Orr, Slats should have kept him. He went to war for all his teammates.

  • Mike Rupp has more skill level than people give him credit for. If we sign Richards, he can skate on the line with him, and Gaborik, for protection, ala Semenko, did for Gretzky on the Oilers of the 80’s. He is still young enough at 31, and the contract isn’t that long, so it may be a good move on Sather’s part.

  • Rupp is no where near what Semenko was Fighting wise and its probably a wash regarding goal scoring ( Career high 12 goals on 2 separate occasions). I wish we had signed Konopka, great face offs fights much better than Rupp. I enjoy it when the Rangers had a bad ass Enforcer Type. Kocur was probably the best we had. Mcarthy and Simon were great too.I know that type of hockey is on its way out, but it makes the game more enjoyable for me. I just feel like Rupp is going to get his ass handed to him when “protecting his teamates” and in my limited experience in playing hockey I found it to be somewhat demoralizing. Just my opinion.

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