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Grachev, RFA, Qualifying Offer Notes

After the draft ended yesterday, Glen Sather was pretty candid about the RFA situations, qualifying offers given, and the Evgeny Grachev trade. Regarding Grachev, it appears he asked out of NY over a year ago, and that the Rangers had been shopping him all year. St. Louis was the only team interested, which severely limits his trade value. That surely explains not only the trade, but the lack of return for a kid with that much potential. It does make you wonder why he wanted out though.

As for the RFAs, Slats stated that all RFAs have been given qualifying offers except for Matt Gilroy. Gilroy QO of $2.3 million was too much for the Rangers, who offered him a separate deal, which he rejected. Gilroy will now hit the open market on July 1. As for the remaining QO’s, the dollar value is as follows:

Artem Anisimov – $803,250
Brian Boyle – $605,000
Ryan Callahan – $2.4 million
Brandon Dubinsky – $2.0 million
Mike Sauer – $550,000

Slats does not expect the Rangers to sign any pending RFAs prior to July 1, which gives them flexibility to go after UFAs, particularly Brad Richards.

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  • A while back, I had read something about the fact that Grachev’s agent had really filled Evgeny’s head with thoughts of stardom after that awesome OHL season. After scoring all of those points, he thought he was going to be a superstar in the NHL, but didn’t realize how much hard work it took to do so. I don’t think him or his agent were happy with the fact that he had to spend all this time working on the defensive part of the game in the AHL. Meanwhile kids were basically flying past him on the depth chart and he (and his idiot agent) probably felt like he needed a fresh start.

    In general though, the entire organization made a mistake by signing him to a contract after one year in the OHL. Clark admitted as much yesterday and I think it will go down as one of the bigger mistakes in the last several years. I think that Grachev will go on and be a good player if he is in the right situation (i.e. playing with top line players), but unfortunately it won’t be here.

    • do you remember where you read that? sounds like a good article. I would agree with most of that. This type of thing happens more than any of us realize. How do you not sign your draft pick after scoring 40 goals in juniors though? That would have been rare and would have caused our “prospect focused” fans to revolt haha.

      Luckily, he wasn’t our top prospect. It will be interesting to see how he fares in St. Louis, who play a similar system.

      • Have any of you guys noticed how many trades we make with St. Louis and Phoenix… good thing we’re buddy buddy with JD and Don Maloney.

        Also, no big surprise as far as the qualifying offers are concerned. I like GIlroy, but we’ve got good (maybe even better) defenseman to replace him.

  • These are the numbers I hope we can get our guys signed for.

    Boyle: 1.2 million

    Anisimov: 1.5 million

    Sauer: 1.1 million

    Callahan: 4.0 million range depending on UFA years

    Dubinsky: 4.0 million range depending on UFA years

    Also, with Gilroy going on the open market I hope slats will go after Anton Babchuck. He could really help us out.

    • I think those numbers look reasonable and similar to what we’ve posted before. It will be interesting to see if agents try to use the 64 million cap as a negotiating point to squeeze some extra money out of GMs. Comparable contracts weren’t negotiated under such a high ceiling.

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