It’s a Musings day and we have a lot to discuss. How much of it is worth discussing is up to you.

April 23rd. That was the date the Rangers were eliminated from the playoffs. Its two months today already. Time really does fly doesn’t it? Look at it this way: at least the next Rangers game should come around quickly.

It’s official: The Rangers are playing the Winter Classic. I have to admit, it’s great the Rangers are involved, but I truly think the league should have staged the game in New York. Imagine a game between two hated rivals such as the Rangers and Flyers and at an epic, famous venue like Yankee stadium (I know not available) or Giants Stadium? Hard to think the Phillies venue holds as much intrigue.

Music moment: I’m in a lively state recently. On my iPod right now are the Beastie Boys. Always gets me motivated. Sabotage is still the best music video of all time, in my opinion.

Awards Night 1: Nick Lidstrom did NOT deserve the Norris. His brand and reputation won him the trophy last night. The winner of the best defenseman title going minus 2? Oh my.

Awards Night 2: Corey Perry DID deserve the Hart. It seemed that every time I checked box scores during the season, especially down the stretch, he seemed to score the game winner or have a two goal game or massive influence the outcome of games. He was clutch, elite and it’s nice to see a fresh face win the trophy. 50 goals is always an impressive achievement.

Awards Night 3: I think the league (given the candidates) got most of the other major awards right. Kesler deserved to be the Selke – he had a stunning regular season. Thomas was dominant and statistically was the best goalie while Jeff Skinner had a 63 point rookie season which included an all star weekend – a very deserving Calder winner.

Nice to see ya! Henrik Lundqvist gets to face his hometown club before next season starts? Well, Torts may dress Marty Biron for the game. Yeah, right. It should be a great occasion for Henrik, wonder if his brother Joel will score on him?!

Awkward moment: I was at work last night and a man came up to me asking if I wanted to work with him. I had the ‘right look’ and he ‘liked the way I engaged’. I would be his ‘big summer signing’. I really struggled to take the man seriously.

What do you all think of the Islanders new lease agreement? I’ll be happy if it really means securing the Islanders locally. I like the rivalry.

Soccer time; Chelsea one of the biggest teams in World Football have just employed a 33 year old as their new manager. That’s less than 4 years older than me. Does that mean I can coach the Rangers?

NHL Draft week! Friday night is the first round, the Rangers are drafting 15th. Or are they? There is a legitimate chance they could move in the draft, but of course it depends who falls and who is available. Given the Leafs are itching to move up the draft (25th and 30th at present) I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Leafs try and swing a trade with the Rangers. Don’t forget we will be doing a live chat for the first round of the playoffs right here on BSB.

My draft choice: The more I look at it, the more I want Mark McNeil. Will he be available at #15?

Free Agency is 8 days Away. Who can say Richards?

When will Callahan and Dubinsky get their new deals? I’m thinking Callahan gets his new deal in July, Dubinsky in August. I don’t think Dubinsky’s new deal takes as long as his last one.

Rangers Top Rookie in 2011/12? Tim Erixon. He’ll score at least 25 points.

By the time free agency is upon us will Jagr have a new home? He will. It just won’t be New York. Has anyone divided opinion in recent years like number 68?

I am far, far too excited about the draft and free agency. I think the Rangers will be significantly better by the time the sun sets on July 1st. What do you think?