The Rangers Stole Tim Erixon

Let’s be clear about one thing here, the Rangers absolutely stole Tim Erixon from Calgary, and the Flames fans are not happy about it.  Not only did the Rangers acquire Erixon for Roman Horak and their two 2nd round picks this year, but they also got a 5th round pick in this draft.  To wrap up the trade: the Rangers get Erixon (23rd overall pick in the very strong 2009 draft) and the 134th pick in the 2011 draft, in exchange for Roman Horak (127th overall in 2009) and the 45th and 57th picks in the 2011 draft.  Not a bad swap.

For Calgary, it was obvious they couldn’t sign Erixon, so they had a choice of taking the package the Rangers gave them, or taking just the 53rd overall pick in this draft.  It was a bad situation regardless, so they took the best package they could get and will look to make the best of it.

As for the Rangers, this is highway robbery of Jay Feaster and the Flames.  Scouting reports for Horak, who had little or no future with the Rangers due to depth in bottom six forwards, show him anywhere from a second line forward to a career AHLer.  I tend to stay in the middle ground of these scouting reports, and say that he probably will wind up as a third line player who can chip in offensively.  Horak is a known entity, while the 5th round pick the Rangers received is not.  Seeing as how 5th round picks are generally toss ups, let’s call this aspect of the trade a slight win for Calgary.

If the 5th rounder coming to the Rangers for Horak is a slight win for the Flames, then the Rangers, for all intents and purposes, got Tim Erixon for two 2nd round draft picks.  Erixon, had he re-entered the draft, would have been a top-10 pick in this weak draft.  While some may argue where he would have been selected, he would not have fallen to the Rangers at #15, that’s for sure.  When removing names from the deal, the Rangers essentially traded the 45th and 57th picks for a top-10 selection in this year’s draft.

Even if you want to say that Horak could have fetched a third round pick (which is a big reach), then the Rangers traded two 2nd round picks and a third round pick for a top-10 pick and a 5th round pick.  This is a steal of epic proportions, possibly on the level of Scott Gomez for Ryan McDonagh.  No wonder Calgary fans are angry.

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  • The Rangers excellent recent late round draft record is the reason why they can afford to make these moves and not sacrifice any top prospects. I have to give Slats much credit here. Sanguinetti didn’t pan out, but at least they moved him to recoup a 2nd rounder and turn it into a valuable asset. I think this move ends any speculation of McCabe or Eminger returning and will likely mean Valentenko remains in the AHL if re-signed.

    As of right now the Rangers 2011-12 defence looks like this:

    • I disagree. If he signs a deal for around $1m, he will return. Both Erixon and MDZ are lefties (4 total with Staal/McD), they need a right handed defenseman to balance it out.

      • Exactly, the question remains whether Erixon can play the R side or not and placing a rookie on his off side is not the best way to break him into the big leagues. I think Gilroy gets way too much flak for a bottom pairing defender trying to find his place the NHL. I know I’m in the minority but I’ve seen a lot of Rangers come and go and I far as I see it Gilroy has the talent to become an NHL regular.

      • He’s worth more than 1 mil.

        He will walk rather than sign for that. How many teams are looking for someone like him?


    • I have no doubt that when Gilroy and his agent got news of this, they were not happy. IMO- his only shot of getting a relatively decent contract was from the Rangers. I can’t see any other team forking over $1M+ for this guy after the awful regular season he had. In reality, the Rangers don’t seem like they have room for him anymore and even if they do, his bargaining position went down the drain.

      I think they needed to move on from him anyway.

  • It’s a great move and I think he’s immediately a Ranger. Mikeyyy; I agree – wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Gilroy leave.

  • Like the deal regardless, but have one small complaint.

    Horak could have fetched a third round pick minimum. First off a 5th round pick two years ago as a rule of thumb is roughly equivalent to a 4th round pick the next year and a 3rd two years later. Additionally, Horak has far outproduced the expected 5th round selection, and contrary to most 5th round picks actually has a fair bit of upside. Someone seen as an NHL caliber player that is good on faceoffs and defensively along with chipping in well over a point per game in juniors as a 20 year old has good value. I would say Horak and Washington’s 2nd round pick were roughly equivalent.

    Regardless, as stated above, I like the value Sather was able to get and am happy about the trade.

    • I would shocked if Horak could fetch anything near what you are saying. Despite decent stats, he really is an unknown prospect who many think might be a career AHL-er. I was actually excited to see him in Hartford this year, but he is a just a fringe prospect.

      • Joey/Zen i think Horak may lie somewhere in between your opinions. He has NHL upside but 2 solid junior seasons doesn’t necessarily make him worth a 2nd pick – especially as he played pretty anonymously in the WJC two years in a row. Whereas Jesper Fasth’s value has increased because he’s playing in the SEL and did really well for Sweden at the WJC.

        I think given the right circumstances (Calgary has less depth than NYR for example) Horak has a shot at an NHL career so he’s more than a fringe prospect which in my opinion is someone with little chance at NHL status.

  • If Timmy is anything like his father, let’s just give him the Steven McDonald award right now.

    I’m excited to see this play out.

  • It was a steal. This kid has all the skills. I see him one day playing with staal or mcdonagh and being on the pp with mdz.

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