2011 Draft Watch: Boone Jenner

The 2011 draft is a little more than a month away, and we all know that Gordie Clark, Glen Sather, and the collection of Rangers scouts are holding many meetings to discuss potential players on their draft boards. The Rangers have the 15th overall pick in this year’s draft, and while most of the prospects on people’s lists will be gone (Nugent-Hopkins, Larsson, Courturier, etc), there are a good amount of prospects that would help the Rangers in the long run. Initially, we looked at Niklas Jensen, who I think would be a great fit for the Rangers. Today, we look at Jensen’s teammate Boone Jenner, the top line center for the Oshawa Generals of the OHL.

As a second year player in the OHL, Jenner had a great year. He put together a line of 25-41-66, a big increase over his rookie year stats (19-30-49). During this year’s playoffs, Jenner scored seven goals and added two assists in ten games before Oshawa was eliminated. At first, you might think that his numbers are inflated by playing with Christian Thomas, and there’s a potential that they might be, as they were line mates in Oshawa (I believe). However, despite playing with Thomas, Jenner hasn’t been overshadowed in the slightest. In fact, Jenner is often viewed as a complete package, possibly the most complete package in the draft this year.

Jenner has almost every tool required to be successful at the NHL level. He has great hands, a great shot, good vision on the ice, and a work ethic that would make Ryan Callahan blush. The 6’1 195 lb center is also a great leader on the ice for his teammates. What may be his greatest asset is that despite the skill, he isn’t a flashy guy, one that needs to dazzle you. He skates in a straight line, and just goes to the net with a blue-collar style of game.

What prevents Jenner from being a lottery pick is what has most scouts worried: his skating ability. Jenner is not the strongest of skaters, and it affects his mobility on the ice. The effort is there, and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he will work to improve his skating as he develops, but it is really hindering his draft stock. Brock Otten at OHL Prospects has Jenner in his top-ten despite his skating deficiencies.

Another item that might be holding back his stock –albeit irrationally– is that Jenner seems to be the most complete player in the draft.  Many scouts look at potential, and when you see a complete package, it’s tough to see potential.  But believe me, the potential for Jenner to be a force in the NHL is there. Otten has said this might be due to his over-exposure in the scouting world, which is something I am inclined to believe because this was the easiest draft watch I’ve written since I started this little series two seasons ago. Despite the worries, Jenner will be taken in the first round. It is highly possible that he will be available for the Rangers at #15. Jenner, unlike most of the other first round picks for the Rangers, is not a project. One summer with Barb Underhill, and he could be a force.

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  • I’m getting a little worried about how people are throwing barb underhill’s name around like she is some kind of magic bullet. Jenner should spend the summer with barb underhill… Valenchenko should spend the summer with barb underhill… if it was that easy half the players on the planet would have her on speed dial, and she wouldn’t have ever even had time for our boy Brian Boyle.

    There’s got to be something else going on there.

    • Haha It’s only because no one knows any other power skating coaches. But there are a lot of them out there. Barbara Williams is another she’s based in Long Island and has worked with a lot of NHLers from the area. They can teach you to skate more efficiently, but it doesn’t always work once there is a puck on your stick.

      • Nino Niederreiter is going to two power skating camps this summer.

        God, I wish we could have gotten that kid.

  • If JT Miller is available at 15, he should be drafted by the Rangers. I Strong Power Forward, that is missing on the Rangers team. With his Game going to the Fighting Sioux, it is only going to get better. (He would fit the role of a Parise, TJ Oshie) Rangers need a power forward that can crash the net and score.

  • A nice free agent signing would be Jason Gregoire. He played the last 3 years for the UND, and is taking advantage of a loop hole in the NHL after 4 years of being drafted. He is a solid two way player that can score some goals. He wouldn’t cost much, and he is NHL ready after 3 years in college. 43 points in 35 games, with 25 goals, one of the most talented players to play for the Sioux.

    • Will he go to the highest bidder though? and I’m not sure the Rangers need to add another expensive NCAA recruit that despite the talent is no sure thing, given how much he’d cost.

      I hear good things about Gregoire but if he gets big money is he ready to justify it immediately?

  • He IS ready. Frattin got all the attention last year, because his numbers where higher, and Gregoire had to sit out 7 games with an injury. He had the same numbers Parase and Toews had their last year, and look how they have turned out.
    I’ve watched many players come through the Fighting Sioux Factory of NHL players. Gregoire would have broken broken alot of records had he skated his final season for the Sioux. But you can’t blame the kid for taking advantage of this.
    His skill set is something you have to see in person, he has speed, hands, and can lay a hit on you.
    Seriously he is in the same catagory as a Toews, Parise, TJ Oshie. Looking at what the Rangers had on the ice last year, not only whould he make the team, he would skate 2nd and 3rd line minutes, and put up 40-50 points.
    I would sign him right away. He will outscore any first round pick that would be available for the Rangers, and could produce RIGHT AWAY!!!
    I wish someone would put a bug in Glen ear about this kid. He is a very special player.

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