2011 Draft Watch: Mike McKee

The 2011 draft is a little more than a month away, and we all know that Gordie Clark, Glen Sather, and the collection of Rangers scouts are holding many meetings to discuss potential players on their draft boards. The Rangers have two second round picks (#45, #55 or so) in this year’s draft. Although they might use these picks to trade up in the draft, there is a strong likelihood that they will use both of these picks. One player that catches my eye is defenseman Mike McKee, a prep school player at The Kent School in Connecticut committed to Northeastern once he finishes his final year at prep.

McKee is an absolute monster at 6’5 235 lbs. Yes, that’s right, the kid is 6’5 235 lbs. Generally players his size have trouble skating initially, but that is far from the case with McKee. McKee has been able to showcase some swift skating by jumping into the offensive play many times while playing in preps. Of course, as expected with his size, McKee absolutely dominates the body, and just tosses players aside when he needs to. He has a heavy shot, although he doesn’t utilize his shot that often at this level.

There are a few concerns that keep McKee out of the first round, with the biggest questions surrounding his hockey sense and passing abilities. He seems to miss passing windows while determining where to send the puck. This is likely due to his recent conversion to defense (two full years at defense), and will take time to correct. He’s not going to be a guy you count on to start your breakout, but he excels with the short, crisp passes that are deemed as safer passes. The second concern is mainly with the level of competition he has been facing. He has been playing in a lower-level prep school, despite being drafted by the OHL (Ottawa 67s) and the USHL (Lincoln Stars). The concern here is a bit overblown, as he simply chose to receive a good education from Kent (and later Northeastern).

Although McKee is ranked #144 in the Central Scouting list for domestic skaters, there is a chance that he will be drafted higher because of his size. He was initially deemed a sleeper, but he is starting to get a lot of attention. This attention means he may wind up being drafted as high as the second round. I would expect him to go in the third round (where the Rangers do not have a pick), but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go as high as the second or as low as the fifth. The kid is an absolute beast on the ice, and with some fine tuning at higher levels, could be a dangerous NHL player.

S/t to to Kirk Luedeke of Bruins Draft Watch, who has great write-ups on McKee, and answered a lot of my questions on Twitter.

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  1. i have to vent.we all know that there are questions to what happened to the big man we all call the boogeyman, but for a moron like larry brooks to leak out information on a person who just passed away is a bonehead move.larry your a moron,no class at all.i know you have a job to do but can you at least give the family time and let them bury the man before you leak information.or let the autopsy come out.you really show no class for a guy that been a reporter for as long as you have.i hope your proud of yourself.give yourself a nice big pat on the back.

    1. WTF are you babbling about? This post has nothing to do about Boogaard nor any mention of Brooks. If you’re upset with Brooks (which is understandable) this is not the proper venue to voice your disdain.


      Havent heard of this kid before, though I dont usually follow the draft too much. Have to give the kid a stick-tap, though, for choosing his education first before hockey. If hes not a ‘top draft prospect’ hes smart to try and have some form of contingency plan if the hockey thing doesnt work out.

      1. number one, read the rangers articles in the post before you comment.and if you dont like it dont read it.voicing my opinion on an unprofessional article thats all.so know your info before you babble and put your foot in your mouth.

        1. Except Brooks’ article has NOTHING to do with this particular blog post.

          Your comments are completely irrelevant to the topic of this blog post.

          Perhaps you meant to comment on the post prior to this? You know, the one that was actually about Boogaard?

          1. dave, i posted something in the wrong spot and chris is having a hissy fit over it.sorry for the mistake.

          2. Looked to me like you were the one having a hissy-fit about something unrelated to this blog post. Wrong place or not, you were the one crying. Like I said in my post, you’re rightfully upset at Brooks. He is classless…

            I simply informed you that this was the wrong place to do so (blah blah spare me ‘this is the internet, Ill do what i want’ bit) and was promptly berated because I ‘dont know my info’ when in fact, it was you that was posting in the wrong spot.

  2. Its hard to look at the draft now. Everyone looks pretty good. First round picks are real shots in the dark outside the top 10.

  3. I don’t think the Rangers should use their early picks on a defenseman. The real need are skilled forwards and that’s where I’d use the 1st and 2nd round picks.

    I did browse a bit through the prospects but I find it really hard to judge them without ever having seen them play. My ideal prospect for the Rangers would be a forward that’s 6’+ and may one day score 30+ goals a year. I know, tons of those running around.

  4. 15 years from now all NHL players will be 6’6″ 250+.

    Look at all the goalies. No more short ones. Who needs reflexes when your body covers the net.

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