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Just because we are on the press release list for the Whale doesn’t mean we can’t go more in depth about the Roman Horak signing.  Horak, the Rangers 5th round pick in 2009, had a pair of productive seasons in the WHL before signing his entry level deal.  The soon-to-be 20 year old has had two productive seasons in the WHL, finishing at more than a point per game in this year’s campaign.  In the playoffs, Horak continued on his point per game pace, but his Chilliwack Bruins were outsted after five games. 

Horak will likely be with the CT Whale next season, as he is going to need more seasoning and time to develop in order to make it to the NHL.  He projects out to be a bottom-six guy, and is currently the #15 prospect in the Rangers system (as per HockeysFuture).  As for the contract, I would expect his cap hit to be relatively low, definitely six figures.  My guess would be around $700,000 or so.  He will be with the Whale for at least a year, maybe even two.  Horak is a good prospect who has the same skill set as Carl Hagelin, but will be unlikely to achieve Hagelin’s success.

Between Horak, Hagelin, and Ryan Bourque, the CT Whale is looking to be mighty stacked with good prospects.  Expect players like Jason Wilson, Scott Stajcer, and possibly Christian Thomas (although he can’t play in the AHL) to sign soon too.

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  • If I may Dave on Horak;

    First off using Hockey’s Future is a sure way to get the wrong information. The only people at Hockey’s Future who knows anything about hockey are the posters on the message boards.

    Those who do the “profiles” tend to post out of date information.

    Take Horak as if you look at his “profile” you will see that it has not been updated in 2 years. Not one word on what he has done with Chilliwack during the past 2 seasons.

    First off Horak is not a bottom 6 guy as the moment he shows up he will become one of the best face-off guys the Rangers have in the system.

    Horak has a very good first step and excellent vision on the ice. He is a serious threat on the power play as only Thomas had more power play goals (Horak had 15).

    Chilliwack used Horak with Ryan Howse on the first line and on all of their special teams.

    Horak has a great first step and if you blink he can leave you behind. His shot selection is very good but his future will be more playmaker than goal scorer.

    Horak and Hagelin will mesh well together as I expect both to be checking line specialists who can add some punch to the offense.

    Horak’s main problem will be adding upper body bulk as he is way too easy right now to body off the puck but his passing skills hide that weakness.

    Like Ryan Bourque it has been hard for him to add weight but hopefully the Ranger training staff will fix that.

    Horak is used to playing with shooters so he might have a thing about shooting. A lot of his goals came on rebounds or breakaways.

    1-2 years is about right time for his development but the lack of an upper body is right now the one main thing that could be the difference as to why Horak becomes an NHLer.

    • Thanks Jess. The profile is definitely out of date.

      I put Horak as bottom-six because of the talent in the system that is due to be top-six (Kreider, Thomas), and the guys already on the roster (Gaborik, AA, Stepan to be specific). Wasn’t a slight against him, just more of a ‘where he fits’ deal.

  • If Ryan Bourque doesn’t make the Rangers, doesn’t he get returned to his junior team? It is my understanding that North Americans can’t play in the AHL until they are 21 years old. By the start of the 2011-12 season, Bourque will still only be 20.

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