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It’s Thursday, which is musings day.  However, I still feel like my heart got ripped out last night.  Like Chris did below, I’m going to try to focus on the positives.

  • Ruslan Fedotenko could be one of the best pickups of the year.  He has been a warrior all year, and he set up two goals last night.  People ripped me when I said he would be well worth the contract.  He may not have reached the 15 goal mark that I thought he would, but he has been an integral part of this team.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back next year.
  • Regardless of what happens this series, the fact that the Rangers are in the playoffs is a testament to the success of this season.  There has been a youth movement, the older young guys have progressed, there is a core, and they have great chemistry.  The future does look bright.
  • The Rangers prospects that have signed already: Dylan McIlrath, Ryan Bourque, Carl Hagelin.  Rangers prospects expected to sign this year: Christian Thomas, Ethan Werek, Roman Horak, Scott Stajcer, Max Campbell, Jason Wilson, Dan Maggio.
  • The Rangers have 5 open contract spots for the 2011-2012 season, and I listed 7 players that have yet to sign.  There will be moves made, and some RFAs won’t be brought back.  I’m thinking Tyson Dowzak and John Mitchell, but that’s just a guess.
  • Brandon Dubinsky, who had his play questioned after the first two games, has shown why he can be a dominate player these past two games.  He can be a force to be reckoned with.
  • Last night’s game really accentuated the fact that the Rangers powerplay is terrible.  It’s actually worse than terrible.  They just don’t move. Hockey 101, move!
  • At what point does Henrik Lundqvist ask himself “Why couldn’t the Red Wings draft me?”.
  • Also, at what point does a shot go through Dan Girardi? I don’t mean failing to block it, I mean literally through him.  The kid sacrifices his body so much, he’s permanently black and blue.
  • I can’t believe some people tried to blame last night’s loss on 1) not playing Steve Eminger, and 2) drafting Michael Del Zotto over John Carlson.  Generally I would address this in more detail, but I decided I’m just going to ignore ignorance and stupidity instead.  I won’t go gray as fast that way.
  • Next year’s team: substitute MDZ for McCabe, Hagelin for Avery, maybe Richards for Drury, and not only does this team have a huge upgrade in talent, but in speed too.  Imagine if Christian Thomas surprises in camp the way I think he will.
  • The Rangers window to win, in my opinion, begins next season, and continues for the following five years.  I bet my friend a bottle of Blue Label that the Rangers make it to the Conference Finals by 2013.  That’s how confident I am about the skill and speed of the prospects coming up.
  • The above statement, of course, is barring significant injuries.
  • The future is bright, and you can’t succeed without failure, so while these losses are painful now, the bigger picture is what we should be looking at.
  • May as well end this on a humorous note.  There was a group of kids behind me, couldn’t have been older than 13 years old, half were Caps fans.  There was some trash talking, all in good fun, and at one point, one of the kids mentions they are from Canada.  I said wow, that must be horrible being Canadian, again all in good fun.  He responded “at least we have health insurance”.  Well played.
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  1. How much longer can hank survive this? if he isnt god they cant win. focus this post season MUST be on offense. because this team cannot play with washington when it comes to OT.

    1. I think he has one more year of having to be stellar, and then the talent will have arrived in Thomas and Kreider.

  2. If the season ends after the next game, what players are in the line-up next season and what players are out?

    1. Tough to really say. Frolov, Boogaard, EC, Eminger are definitely gone. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of Fedotenko/Prospal gone either.

      1. Interesting. I know this is all speculation, but do you think they keep Avery over Fedotenk/Prospal?

        1. In my opinion you keep Feds and Prospal over Avery. Avery isn’t the same anymore. Feds and Prospal add leadership to the lockerroom and have made some clutch plays for us this season.

        2. Not by choice. They can’t trade him, as the acquiring team takes on the full $4 million cap hit/salary. They can’t demote him, since he was acquired on re-entry waivers. A buyout doesn’t make sense. So they are kind of stuck with him.

          1. I think that Eminger actually has a better shot of returning than McCabe but in the end I believe that they will both be gone to make room for MDZ, Gilroy and Valentenko to play. I like what McCabe has brought to the PP but his quickness is severely lacking. He is a veteran who is slowing down on a team that is trying to get younger and faster.

  3. That thing about Hank is what I’m wondering. He is a UFA in 2 years. what point does he say he has had enough and ask to be out of NY? Winning is everything to him and the way he has played for us, he deserves more.

      1. I think if they get farther off in the playoffs next year and are a contender the next year, he will stick around for the pay off. If that doesn’t happen, all bets are off.

  4. Honestly as well as Prospal and Fedetenko have played prospal will be 37 and Fedetenko 33. With all these up and comers and the possibility of Brad Richards is there a reason to sign them?

    Our defensive corps should remain the same other than trashing Mccabe who will be switched with MDZ. Also, resign Gilroy but see if Mcilrath has what it takes first.

    Trash Frolov, Boogard, and Avery. Demote Avery I guess if he is still signed with us for a couple more years. He’ll probably quit before accepting demotion. Also, Christian Thomas looks decent what about giving him a shot and see if he’s got what it takes.

  5. I wouldn’t be against trading Boyle. If the Rangers get Richards, figure Stepan in the 2 spot, Arty on the 3rd line, are we really going to pay Boyle $2 mill to play on the 4th line?
    Rather put Prospal or a Hartford guy there.

      1. His skating has def improved, but I still think he could be more physical given his size. He’s a not feared competitor.

        He also sucks at faceoffs, which kills his importance as a bottom 6 center.

  6. – 2nd intermission, I bet the Rangers were relazed, laughing – did our coach say “THIS GAME IS NOT OVER!”?
    – Boogard has 4 yr contract. Will they dump him?
    – We need Boyle. Well worth his salary.
    – I’m not convinced about MDZ yet. Sauer
    & McD have proven themselves – a great future.
    – Lundquist is loyal to our team. I’m not worried about him, but we need the next generation. Chad Johnson didn’t get one start.
    – We do have great prospects, but perpective – other teams do also.
    – Avery has talent. Is he used properly? Does he defeat himself? I’m on the fence.
    – We need some veterans. Keep Prospal.
    – Crusher last night. They could have won game 1 also. You have to keep pushing for 60 minutes.
    – Hard work is impressive, not quite consistent enuf – but their offensive tactics are way lacking. There seems to be no plan on scoring.
    – A lot to look forward to next few years.

  7. How come Gilroy is not mentioned as part of your plan going forward on defense?
    He should only get better, and he brings offense as well, something they desperately need.

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