Irresponsible Rumormongering

The Anatomy Of A Rumor

The trade deadline is a fun time of the year. Fan GMs around the world unite and create their ideal trades to help their favorite teams. This is all in good fun, and the proposals generally range from the downright ridiculous to the fair and reasonable. However, these are not rumors. The rumors are the ones generally started by a blog or a mainstream media outlet who has an “inside source”. It’s very tough to decipher what is an actual rumor and what is something that is being made up to fit the needs of one team.

For example, let’s take this Michael Del Zotto for Chris Phillips swap. This makes no sense at all. This is not a rumor, it’s someone who is saying the Rangers need a defenseman, and the Senators are selling, so clearly this makes “sense”. The Rangers have shown they aren’t going to deal core youth, and Phillips doesn’t fit the powerplay QB need. In essence, this was a rumor made to get hits. It makes no logical sense for the Rangers to make this deal, so let’s all breathe a little easier now.

Another fun rumor is the Marian Gaborik to Minnesota for Cam Barker, Antii Miettinen and a conditional second round pick. This one makes less sense than the first one. The Rangers have no need for Barker or Miettinen, and there’s no trading Gaborik unless a first round pick is included at the bare minimum. The Rangers aren’t trading their best skater for a collection of bottom-six/bottom-pairing players. If a deal is going to be struck, using the hypothetical LA Kings scenario, the discussions begin and end with Brayden Schenn. Since that won’t happen, Gaborik won’t go to LA.

These are rumors that, when you take a step back and really look at the details, make no sense. A deal that would make sense for the Rangers would be something involving their spare second round pick, a mid-level prospect, or a spare part on the roster (read more on that here). For the Rangers, their glaring need is a veteran defenseman who plays the powerplay. They might need a top-six forward, but that is less of a need than the defenseman. The Rangers aren’t going to mortgage the future for a rental, so let’s do ourselves a favor and take a deep breath before reacting to rumors.

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  1. Here’s my rumor or GM wish;

    I love Drury but it’s time to move on. With that said, here we go…

    The two FAs I would pursue heavily are Simon Gagne and Christian Erhoff. Both will require b/t 4.25 and 5.25 to sign (let’s just say 10 b/t the two of them). Also, with demoting Dru to AHL, there’s enough room to sign all the RFAs at expected prices (I went on the higher side just to be safe) Cally & Dubi; 4, AA and Boyle; 2, Gilroy and Sauer; 1.5.

    Here’s the resulting lineup;

    Gagne Dubi Gabby
    Wolski Stepan Cally
    Avery AA MZA
    Boogie Boyle Prust

    Alternate; Dupont

    Staal Girardi
    Erhoff Sauer
    McDonagh Gilroy

    Alternate; MDZ

    Captain; Callahan
    Assistant; Dubinsky
    Assistant; Staal

    Is this a true contender?

      1. The other options is to sell high on Boyle for future picks and have Dru play 4th line center – then every RFA contract would need tightening and maybe sell Gilroy too to get the extra cap space

          1. Well, I was thinking a third or fourth round pick but just not signing him irregardless saves at least 1.25

  2. Nice Job Dave sadly the thought process will go over the heads to too many people.

    Ranger fans have some really silly bad habits like over inflating the value of the players used in these rumors.

    Then doing the opposite in the player they are wanting.

    My favorite right now has to be the UFA Brad Richards because talk about not thinking period.

    Richards makes 7.8 million this season, he is the premier UFA on the market. Yet there are some people who think he will take a 2 million dollar salary cut to sign with the NYR.

    Try Richards wanting no less than 8.5 to 9 mil a season. Cmon now how badly do you want him for the next 5 years?

    1. agreed, we could get to great impact players for the price of one in Richards

      Gagne – 4.25
      Erhoff – 4.75

      Takes care of your PP QB and elite player to play top line with Gabby – I would argue that you could put Dubi, Stepan, or AA in the middle there and have success

      No need to pursue Richards and get hamstringed with another contract that is too large and limits our ability to fill out the roster appropriately

      1. Gagne is no longer an impact player, yes at one time he was one of the top two-way wingers around, but no more. A double sports hernia has severely limited him and he will likely get an incentive laden short term deal. Hopefully not from the Rangers.

        Christian Ehrhoff is another matter entirely – if we could get him for less than $5 mil per year then I’d be interested.

    2. Thanks, I appreciate it.

      I don’t think he get’s $8.5…I think he gets Gaborik money at $7.5-$8.0. Richards is actually one of the few guys who is signed at his market value, oddly enough.

    3. The cap, Brad Richards salary demands, and teams’ internal budgets will limit the number of teams that realistically have a chance to sign him. Lets not forget his personal preferences as well. It seems that more often than not, that teams that sign UFA’s to big contracts (over $7 mil per at over 5 years in term) will regret it. No doubt that he will be in high demand if he becomes a UFA, but I don’t see his contract reaching $8 mil per unless it’s short-term. Actually, an extension of his $7.8 mil seems about right.

      1. ok, he’s coming off injury and is on pace for only 40 pts over 82 games, fine. It’s not like we haven’t given a player another chance after injury and he’s only 30.

        But, if you don’t like that deal, forget Gagne, move Wolski to the top line (could score 60+ again) and sign Brooks Laich for 2.75 to play second line LW.

        How’s that for a plan?

        1. Put a fork in Gagne, he’s done. 20 points and a -19. Ouch! The only positive in signing him will be in sticking it to the Flyers. But he will have to be healthy enough to play in order to do that.

          LW depth for next year will be Wolski, Dubi, (slot for Grachev if ready or a Fedotenko type), Avery on the 4th and Boogaard rotated in when necessary.

  3. Here’s the production (from top line down);

    Wolski – 55
    Dubi – 65
    Gabby – 75

    Laich – 45
    Stepan – 45
    Cally – 55

    Avery – 30
    AA – 45
    MZA – 40

    Boogie – 0
    Boyle – 20
    Prust – 20

    Not bad, eh?

    1. and…

      Erhoff – 45
      Staal – 35
      Girardi – 35
      Sauer – 10
      McDonagh – 10
      Gilroy – 25

  4. Rangers are in a unique position. Although being buyers and making a playoff run does sound inciting, I’d prefer to stay the course and continue building through youth. If the rangers decided to sell come the deadline they could fetch some major returns. Start with Brian Boyle how Many teams are probably drooling for to him to be a 3rd/4th line center for a stretch run. He could certainly fetch a top prospect if not an early Second rounder or late first plus. Then you have prospal avery fedotenko even wolski(whom Id prefer to keep. Not gabby though he stays no matter what. But if they traded all those guys then they can sign dubi Callahan etc plus they woul have enough cap space to go after both Richards as a Ufa and parise as a rfa this summer and land both. Id love to see them do something this year but unjust don’t see it happening. This may not be the popular thought but it’s intriguing.

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