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Lundqvist Defends Himself, Finally (With Video)

Last night, after Max Pacioretty ran Henrik Lundqvist very hard, the Swede finally fought back (video below). There was no effort made by Pacioretty to avoid Lundqvist, which seems to be the norm for Ranger opponents. Lundqvist jumped on top of Pacioretty and started swinging, landing a left with his blocker before a few of the Canadien midgets intervened.

The constant bombarding of Lundqvist is completely the fault of the Rangers skaters. This has to stop. Lundqvist should not be jumping on people and landing punches with his blocker. It is time for someone on the team to not just push people away, but to knock out a few teeth. Until the Rangers get a defenseman that will land a few rights on the guys running Lundqvist, this will continue happening. How soon until Hank gets hurt? This is getting ridiculous Rangers. Stand up for your goalie.

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  1. This can’t happen at all, you are completely correct. I’m really shocked that Dubi has not fought for Lundqvist at all in these occasions, since the D seem to have forgotten how to fight.

  2. What a perfect chance for the Rangers to knock Pacioretty’s head off. Those situations are simply gold for asserting yourself and getting momentum going your way.
    Not sure why they let it slide by.

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