Boogaard, Eminger Injured

As per Andrew Gross, the Rangers were without tough guy Derek Boogaard and defenseman Steve Eminger at practice yesterday due to injury. Boogaard is out with a strained right shoulder, and will not play against Columbus tonight. He has been sent back to New York for reevaluation. Eminger is day-to-day with a hip flexor, but is expected to play tonight. Todd White will replace Boogaard in the lineup.

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  • If I was the opposing team and I saw Todd White replace The Boogeyman I’d be licking my chops. Can we call up Dale Weise for a game or two? At the very least until Drury gets back.

  • I don’t think we can label Boogaard as “tough” anymore. Our $1.6 million enforcer is injured every other game.

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