Rangers Musings

Thursday is Musings Day here at BSB. For those who are new, it’s simply a collection of random thoughts about the Rangers. This is generally Jeremy’s post, but I’m covering for him today.

  • It’s was very clear that Evgeny Grachev was not ready for the NHL. What is becoming evident though is that the Rangers rushed him to the AHL, when it appears he wasn’t ready for that last year.
  • Marian Gaborik is back tonight, and not a moment too soon. The Rangers really need him in the lineup.
  • With Gaborik back, the scratch is going to be alternating between Todd White and Derek Boogaard, with the Rangers matching up accordingly.
  • It’s going to be an interesting scenario tonight with the lines. I would assume that Alex Frolov and Derek Stepan will get their shot at playing with Gaborik. However, don’t discount Erik Christensen, who might get a look between Frolov and Gaborik too.
  • If there was anyone on this team least deserving to get a shot to play with Frolov and Gaborik, it’s Christensen.
  • Chris Drury is due back in December. He’s another one the Rangers need back, if just for face offs.
  • When Drury comes back, the Rangers have a big decision to make. They likely will not carry 14 forwards. They can demote Todd White, which appears to be the likely scenario. They can waive Christensen, which is unlikely. They an also send Stepan to Hartford, which is more likely than waiving Christensen, but it might cause an uproar with the fans.
  • Derek Boogaard scored? Really? Derek Boogaard. He now has as many goals as Ruslan Fedotenko, and more goals than Gaborik. In case you missed it, here’s the video:
  • Speaking of Boogaard, he really hasn’t been as bad as everyone thought he would be. Sure, he’s no Gaborik, but he’s at least doing what he gets paid to do.
  • Hi, Alex Frolov. My name is the net. Please hit me every now and then. Thanks!
  • Dear Brandon Dubinsky, you have 10 goals this season. Awesome. Now would you lift the damn puck when you have an empty net? You would have 12 goals if you lifted the puck on an empty net. Thanks!
  • Finally, here’s the video of that Wheel of Fortune girl who solved the puzzle after getting one letter. This is simply amazing.
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