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The Rangers were missing their two top scorers from last year in Marian Gaborik and Vinny Prospal, and were also missing captain Chris Drury, who may not score much, but provides a veteran presence and helps a floundering penalty kill (last night’s kill was a big oh-fer). Many people will point to the third period as to when the Rangers lost the game, but it was really the second period when the Rangers gave the Avalanche all the hope they would need to win.

In that second period, the Rangers saw themselves on several powerplays, as a result of some fantastic blue collar work. However, the Rangers failed to capitalize on any of the three powerplays, including four minutes of powerplay time in a span of 4:40. The most telling sign was when Brandon Dubinsky’s forecheck created a turnover by Avs goaltender Craig Anderson, who was caught behind the net. We all saw this happen, as Dubinsky failed to lift the puck into an empty net, and Anderson got his left pad on it, keeping the game tied at one a piece. It seemed like an innocent play, but a 2-1 lead for the Rangers going into the third is different than a 1-1 tie, and was probably the point in the game when most got the feeling that this would not end well.

On the positive side, the Rangers lone goal came from Alex Frolov, who gets his first of the year. Derek Stepan showed he could take control of the powerplay, and is looking more and more like a future captain of this club. The defense only allowed one even strength goal, which was the best performance of the year thus far. In the second, the defense pinched at the right moments, and the forwards cycled back to cover for the pinching defenseman. It was a cycle that we have not seen executed properly for probably a decade, and they did it against a very good team.

The Rangers are going to be hurting for at least two more weeks until Gaborik returns. The defense and Henrik Lundqvist are going to have to steal a few games if the Rangers are going to stay in the hunt until all the injuries clear up. For now, the Rangers are going to have to avoid trying to be cute, and just get those dirty goals by crashing the net and taking the punishment that comes with it. There’s a possibility that this can be a very long few weeks, but there’s also a possibility that this can provide opportunity for the youngsters to which fans have grown attached to carry the burden and show why they belong on the roster.

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  • im starting to be a nonbeliever that torts is the right coach for this team and i for one was excited when they hired him.if you watch his interviews they look like copies from last years.qoutes like”we have to grind this out,we have to play consistantly,we have to get the power play goin,”..i know we have injuries and i know its the new year but it just feels to me like he cant make this team play a whole 60 minute game and as a coach your the boss you make them play and they better me this team are like chickens with thier heads cut off.they play run around hockey and down low im mean how many goals are gonna be scored within five feet our goalie before we start clearing these guys out off the way.i have a feeling this is gonna be a long year of fustration if this keeps up.just think about how many goals in the last two games we gave up within five feet of hank.i counted four.thats not ecceptable.

  • i tell ya one thing its not a good sign when game in and game out your star goalie,one of the best in the league who stated hes ready to win a cup, is getting fustrated game in and game out.its just my opinion and hes a class guy but how long do you think he will play on a team that leaves him out to get murdered every his interviews hes just miserable and us as ranger fans should be worried about that.

  • I vote for Messier. Who better to coach the team than the guy tha made the guarantee. He has respect, smarts, and the stare. Imagine what he could squeeze out of this roster.

    It’s funny that Jerry cause I was thinking the same thing while watching the game.

    It took torts a whole year to start rolling 4 lines.

    And it’s kinda wired that mess would be getting involved with teaching face-offs.

    Makes me wonder what sather has going on inhis head.

    Maybe torts is part of the transition. Kinda like neilson coaching before Keenan came in. Can anyone say iron mark?

  • Torts isn’t the problem I don’t think. It is and has always been Sather. Our team is 2 years away from making considerable noice in the East… till then we will be the frustrated fan based witht he team that just barely makes the playoffs or loses in a shoot-out to miss it. We are middle of the road to bad team in transition… On the bright side we have a lot of youth and it looks like we are starting to draft well… so until 2012 there is no reason to get upset with Torterella the team isn’t that talented…

    BUT PLEASE SOMEONE… knock someone on their back the next time someone even thinks about touching Henrik. People aren’t afraid to make runs at him because their is no price to pay…

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