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In-Game Blog: Rangers vs. Islanders

Pregame: It’s already started.  Brandon Dubinsky and Zenon Konopka (???) were getting into it during warm-ups.  Nothing too crazy, just a lot of jawing back and forth.  Avery felt the need to get into it at some point also.  You gotta love that no matter either team’s successes/failures in recent years, this is still a heated rivalry played with tons of emotion.  Be interesting to see which team can harness that emotion and use it their advantage as the game progresses.

Couple of noteworthy things: AHL sensation PA Parenteau is in the lineup for the Islanders.  Once a dependable member of the Hartford Wolf Pack, Parenteau made in onto the Isles and now has a shot at his former organization.  Also, the matchup between Lundqvist and DiPietro will finally be renewed.  These two had some great duels against one another when DiPietro was healthy, so it should be exciting to see how this one plays out.

Update 1:18pm: Nice tempo to the game.  Both teams have established the forecheck and have had some decent scoring chances up to this point.  Derek Boogaard had a nice rebound opportunity in front of the net but couldn’t put it home.  Nice to see the 4th line putting on some pressure.  Couple of big hits being thrown around as well, most notably Derek Stepan (<3) along the boards on Andrew McDonald. This kid can really do it all.

Few empty seats in the lower tier of the Coliseum.  Its true there isn’t a bad seat in the house there, but you have to wonder how many companies actually observe Columbus Day.

Update 1:22pm: Well that was quick.  Brandon Prust and Konopka drop the gloves.  Very evenly matched combatants.  Real long fight that was easily a draw.

One of the biggest improvements I have noticed so far in the young season is the Rangers play in the neutral zone.  They are sound both defensively and when moving the puck in between the blue lines.

Update 1:28pm: Golden opportunity for the Rangers that came up empty.  Torts decides to put Gaborik out on the penalty kill and jumps all over the puck when Dough Weight fans on it at the point.  Gaborik takes off for the breakaway and Weight pulls him down, clearly resulting in a penalty shot.  Of course Gaborik decided to shoot it right into DiPietro’s pads, making him look much better than he actually is.  I don’t understand why players still decide to try and rip it passed the goaltender on shootouts and penalty shots.  Come in with a head of steam and get the goalie to move back and forth and side to side.  Much higher chance to put one home

Update 1:33pm: Ughhh.  Huge gaffe by Michael Del Zotto.  Mishandled the puck while stickhandling in front of his own net, Blake Comeau picks it right up and nets an easy rebound.  Don’t need me to tell you that that’s a no-no.  Islanders 1, Rangers 0

Update 1:36pm: Rangers get one right back.  Great puck movement on the ensuing power-play and Brandon Dubinsky didn’t quit on the play and eventually banged one up top.  It was easy to see in the preseason that these Rangers are a resilient bunch.  Here’s hoping that Dubinsky can have a breakout season: I had said before that I felt he peaked in years prior, but he’s off to a hot start with 3 goals already.  Rangers 1, Islanders 1

Update 1:43pm: Lots of action in this period.  Lundqvist makes a beautiful save in the slot but the Isles continue to pressure.  Josh Bailey eventually roofs one from practically his knees on Hank.  Islanders 2, Rangers 1

Its worth noting that whatever the Islanders goal song is, its rather, how do you say, feminine in nature.  I can’t make it out, but I think it may be Faith Hill or something.  Thank goodness the Rangers have such a fun goal celebration.

Update 1:48pm: End of the 1st period. Really a great period of hockey for the fan in you.  Lots of forechecking and physical play and 2 of the goals were scored by sheer grit and will.  The difference right now is Del Zotto farting the puck out right in front of Hank.  Overall, a pretty even period with both teams getting plenty of quality chances.  Expect the Rangers forwards to drop down a bit in the defensive zone to support the defense and help get the puck out to possibly nullify a strong Islanders forecheck.

Update 2:10pm: The Fedotenko-Stepan-Avery line continues to create.  Avery just had a goal waved off after a great second effort in front of the net.  DiPietro clearly had the puck covered, but Avery kept playing and poking at it but the whistle was blown appropriately.  Gotta love the effort that this line puts forth.  And Avery really looks strong so far.  He’s playing smart and playing abrasive at the right times and he has really carried whatever momentum he had during training camp and the preseason into the first game and a half.  He has to stay healthy though.

Update 2:18pm: Michael Del Zotto has really responded after that earlier screw-up.  He’s been a great quarterback on the power play, this time firing a shot from the high point that get tipped off an Islander’s stick and went into the net.  Its important to note the quality of the shot: hard, low, and able to be redirected and deflected passed the goalie.  Those are the kind of things they teach you in pee-wee hockey.  Glad Del Zotto was paying attention

Update 2:27pm: Practically a 3rd power play goal for the Rangers.  It had just ended when Girardi placed a smooth wrist shot high blocker-side over DiPietro.  The Rangers definitely have something going with these shots from the high point.  Not all of them are getting it though: to quote my father “Roszival hasn’t shot the damn puck since that Buffalo game.”

Update 2:42pm: End of the 2nd Period.nnBackbreaker.  Another goal scored with the Isles crashing the net with just 20 seconds remaining.  Can’t let up goals late in the period like that, as that could really turn the momentum in this game.  After the Rangers took the lead and really neutralized the Islanders forecheck, to let up a goal that late can really come back to haunt them.  But like I said before, this group is resilient and I don’t expect much change moving forward.  Should make for a great 3rd period of hockey

Gonna have to hand it off here.  Making my way to the new Meadowlands to see the Jets take on the Vikings.  Will certainly be listening on the radio but unfortunately won’t be able to update the blog.  Go Rangers!

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  • MDZ bad give away that leads to goal. How ever he makes up for it shortly after with a beautiful pass to Dubi on the PP who has two shots blocked and finally converts on the third. Tie Game 1-1

  • My 1st period thoughts:

    -Dipietro and Hank are playing very well. Gaborik’s penalty shot was a good thought due to the knee issues.

    -MDZ has been on the ice for 2 goals. Girardi is playing great.

    -Frovlov has good hands but needs to stop trying to do so much. Keep it simple.

    -Avery is playing great. He needs to keep up this level of play while maintaining the edge.

    -The 3rd line is looking great right now. Good hitting from Stepan and Avery.

    -Boogy can not skate at all. But nice hit.

    -2nd line is looking the best IMO. Hard working, good forcheck, face off wins by AA. Goal by Dubi. Keep it up.

      • i think jordan is being sarcastic.he had a debate with me that christensen,because he had a goal in the first game,he could dissapear for shifts at a time and is still valuable to the team as a top line center.

        • I don’t understand what you’re saying here. Because he scored a goal in the first game, he disappears and is still a number 1 center? What?

          • you think hes a number one center and valuable to this team because your in dreamland .the guy is useless and is gonna work his way off this quoting you,you said hes a great player because he scored one goal and you want facts to backup why i think he sucks.the fact is he sucks,the line with him on it has scored one goal,hes been released by other teams and admitted himself he almost called it a career because of tell me is that top line center material.if you use stats from last year,ok he put up soso numbers but dissapeared for shifts at a time and scored 2 goals in his last 15 5 year old could probably do that paired with gaborik.the guy is a bum.

    • I can’t fault you for sticking to your guns, because I’m probably the most stubborn person here. But in a game where the Rangers appeared to be outplayed (I couldn’t watch the game), he was only a -1, and is now +1 on the season. It’s only been two games.

    • Wow, unreal. In a game where MDZ hands the isles 2 goals, Lundquist coughs up rebounds right and left, our defense in front of our net is non-existant, and out 2 big guns still don’t have a goal, and you choose to single out Fedotenko?! I’m way more worried about the sucking sound we call our defense than I am a 3rd line winger. Giving up 5 goals (+EN) vs the stinking Isles w/out Okposo or Tavares does not bode well for the future.

  • Long story Blue-toe. I know they sucked overall, but coming on and seeing that person “Mrs Fedotenko” act like he was this wondeful player, I started a rant. Like Dave says, we a re stubborn and stick to our guns. The guy sucks,period.

    • There comes a time when you’re being a bit over the top though. I don’t like Erik Christensen, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt since it’s been just two games.

  • I was asked to come over hear and read the wonderful post . Im not going to get in a battle with the Ranger fans. I saw those posts on His spot, and I believe that was posted by one of “Feddy’s Fatties” at least thats what we called them. They live in a dream world.

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