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Its Thursday, so its Musings. I hope we’re all watching the demise of Brett Favre tonight. Just saying…

Just finished watching the Sports documentary ‘June 17 1994’ for the second time; what a crazy day that was. A Rangers Cup parade, The Knicks in the NBA finals and oh yeah, the OJ Simpson drama on the LA highway. Has there  been such a dramatic sports day since?

Camp is close. We’re merely days away from seeing if Sather and Tortorella are going to practice what they preach. Will the kids feature heavily? Will the focus be on the youth development? I’ve said it before; this is the most important training camp of Tortorella’s coaching career.

Nigel Dawes. He’s a good hockey player and hopefully he gets a chance in Atlanta. You’d think a 14 goal, 32 point year would at least afford him a 1 way deal. He scores 10+ goals every year with limited ice time, he’s 25… I’d rather give Dawes the ice time than Freddy Modin, who also just went to Atlanta.

Petr Prucha; Not many players divide opinion like the divide opinion like the diminutive Czech did. 13 goals last year in Phoenix were his highest total since his 2nd year on Broadway. My question;  product of those around him or a genuine underachieving talent?

Music Time; I am in love with the Black Keys right now:

What’s angered me today? I was in the gym early this morning and they had the music channels on the TV. Justin Bieber was on; he should not be allowed in my gym. He does not inspire me to greater physical lengths and just makes me want to get off the treadmill and go home. Bieber is terrible and annoying.

Gaborik and Lundqvist aside, which Ranger has the greatest influence on a potentially successful season? Brandon Dubinsky. Sorry for the boring pick but it’s true. If Dubi takes his game to the next level its playoff hockey in the MSG.

If Glen Sather gets Marc Staal for anything under 4m, for anything of 4 years or more, he can consider it a success and the icing on the cake for his best offseason as Rangers powerbroker.

Does anyone else think that the Oilers should have retired Kevin Lowe’s number by now and thus not have Taylor Hall wearing it? Lowe had a great career and deserves to see his number in the rafters.

NFL season is upon us people! GO GIANTS! I have the Giants winning 10 games and finishing 2nd to the Cowboys but i have the Giants making more post season noise than the Cowboys.  Giants over Panthers by 10 this weekend. The return of Brandon Jacobs.

In a standard fantasy hockey league (10 team format) does any Ranger go in the first round? I Say no. Sorry Hank, sorry Gabby.  (Note: I am not tipping my hat in any way as to my draft strategy for the BSB league!)

Rangers top scoring center this season: Artem Anisimov.

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    In a 10 team league, unless goalies go off the board early, then no Ranger goes in the first two rounds. Lundqvist will be the first to be taken, late 2nd, early 3rd round.

    If Anisimov is your top scoring center, then what level does Dubinsky bring his game to?

    1. I think Dubinsky is a full time LW this season so for that purpose I wasn’t counting him.

      Unfortunately I think the Jets will have a great season. It would be amazing if it was a New York Bowl…

      1. So you think the lines are Dubi-Prospal-Gaborik, Frolov-AA-Cally?

        I have the same thing, just switching Dubi and Prospal, Dubi is better at faceoffs.

        1. I think it will be some combination of those six yeah. I’d like to find a spot somehow for Avery in the top 6 but even if he gets back to vintage Avery that wont happen. Depth is a nice problem though because something like Avery – White/Christensen – Weise would make for a nice 3rd line.

      2. Then Prospal would be center and AA would have to top 58 pts.

        Tall order for AA to more than double his output.

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Prospal at center and why would AA need to top 58? I meant he’d be this coming season’s top scoring center… not relative to last season. I actually see him between 45-55 points. I think AA and Prospal will both hit around 50.

    1. True, but I think in the long run, it serves the future of the team better to have Dubinsky and Anisimov playing top-six minutes to help build chemistry.

      1. EC has skill – no doubt – but he is, as Dave points out, not as critical to the rangers long term. Given Stepan and Werek etc are in the pipeline he was only ever a stopgap for 2 years (unless he explodes of course!)

    2. Im just saying he did play well with gabby. I am not a big ec fan. He’s not consistant. But it’s not a matter of what’s good long term on the top line. It’s who can help gabby get goals.

  2. ec does seem to pick up his game when paired with gabby. I’m hoping he surprises but it’s depressing our number 1 center is ec

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