The Importance of Marty Biron

On July 1st, the Rangers made perhaps their best signing in years. Yeah, Marian Gaborik has been terrific. And signings like Marty Straka and Michael Nylander a few years back were golden. But Marty Biron brings something that the Rangers haven’t had in a while: A backup goalie

We all know Henrik Lundqvist is one of the top 5 goalies in the world. It’s the reason we’re competitive every single year. ¬†As long as he’s healthy, the Rangers will be in the hunt. But, without a competent backup the past few years, Henrik has had to shoulder the load all by himself. Since 2007: 72 games, 70 games, 73 games. It’s a lot.

The reason he’s had to play so much is because the guy behind him hasn’t been capable of winning games consistently. That changes with Marty Biron.

The 33 year older veteran has had a pretty good career. Even playing with the horrible Islanders last year, Biron put up a 3.27 GAA. On a pretty good Philly team the year before, a 2.76 GAA. The guy can play.

Even though Steve Valliquette was a good guy, he wasn’t the best goalie. A long time starter, Biron can get hot over a stretch of games. Or, he can come in and give Hank a rest.

Marty Biron is not the best goalie in the world. But, he’s an important Ranger. Giving Henrik 15-20 games off will keep him fresh for the stretch run. A fresh Henrik is a good thing for the Rangers. With a lot of young talent around him, Henrik can carry this team to the playoffs. He’ll get an assist from Marty Biron.

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  • Hank was getting over worked, if he stays fresh, I think the Rangers make the playoffs. Of course, Biron has to play well enough to warrant starting him 20 games.

    • No reason to believe he cant win games. He has a better defence in front of him than at the Isles !
      Anytime you can get a guy that is good enough to be a starter (atleast in terms of quality and experience) as a back up then it bodes well.

      In the right situation (especially given some of the average goalies around) Biron is still good enough to start. He’s a nice pick up.

  • Don’t get me wrong. I have always liked Biron and begged for Sather to sign him last season in light of Henrik going to the Olympics.

    That said, dollars to donuts, the first game Biron loses the fans will be crying “off with his head!”

    Biron is a streaky keeper. I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Biron’s best days are in his rear view mirror.

    • His best days are behind him but that doesn’t mean he cant be effective. Providing we’re tighter on defence he’ll get help.

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