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Rangers Interested in Gagne?

With the Flyers in a dire cap situation, at $2.5 million over the cap, they are looking to move salary. Although the initial rumors were that Jeff Carter was on the move, a rumor which I never bought into, the prevailing rumor is that Simon Gagne will be the one traded. Gagne is in the final year of his contract with a $5.25 million cap hit. Although he has injury concerns, getting a top-six forward in the final year of a contract prior to the best UFA class in recent memory is certainly intriguing.

The Rangers are said to be one of three teams that have inquired about Gagne, and that Gagne has given the team permission to talk to other teams regarding a trade.

For the Rangers to acquire Gagne, and re-sign Marc Staal, they would certainly need to either trade Michal Rozsival, or waive Wade Redden. Both of these scenarios seem very possible. However, it is very doubtful that the Flyers would deal Gagne within the division. The cost of acquiring Gagne also needs to be considered. The Flyers are going to want a good, young, cheap roster player, and a prospect. Remember, the Flyers can’t take on any additional salary. Is it worth it for the Rangers to give up a young roster player and a prospect for a one year rental of Gagne, especially when considering that this will in all likelihood be a non-playoff year from the Rangers?

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    • You wouldn’t mind seeing Dubinsky in a Flyer jersey, really. Dubi has more value than Gagne straight up anyway. Not only are the Flyers set on D but the point of them trading Gagne is to free up cap space, not take more on.

  • Why in the world would we want to help out the Flyers? Gagne is a very talented offensive player but he’s not a good fit. First his injury history, and secondly if we are going to take on a contract like that we are better off pursuing a guy like a Tim Connolly who can play center for Gaborik.

    Why not just sign Demitra for a one year deal then. Yes, he has a similar injury history but he comes at a fraction of the cost (2 mil max sounds reasonable), plays center, and we give up nothing of value to a divisional rival.

  • I agree with Brian, I would prefer the Rangers stay away from Gagne only because I don’t think the Rangers compete this year, so trading for Gagne serves no purpose.

  • If Demitra goes across the water–as reported–let’s kick Tim Connolly’s tires. American-born, (Rochester, NY?) pretty solid two-way pivot, not to mention a natural set-up man.

    Far more sound than helping out Paul Holmgren’s cap issue.

    If Kovalchuk snubs Dean Lombardi–who, by the way, has had an awful summer, from getting punked by Bob Murray on the Etem pick, to letting his hot-cold pursuit of the Russian sniper flow through local media as if it were sightings of Lindsay Lohan on yea-yo–expect Gagne or, perhaps Carter to don the purple monarch.

    Brian (above) may be right: we’re not a playoff team

    Nonetheless, come February-March the boys should be gellin’, Hank should be rested (not only spelled by our Marty, but less clubbin’ with Avery and co., now that he’s married), and young guns Byers, Brodie Dupont, Wiese, AA, Grachev leaning on people will lend a whole dimension to this club.

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