Rangers Trade Aaron Voros and Ryan Hillier for Steve Eminger

The Rangers have made a trade today, sending Aaron “The People’s Champ” Voros and prospect Ryan Hillier to Anaheim in exchange for Steve Eminger. Voros, in the last year of his contract, had become expendable a long time ago, but the signing of Derek Boogaard made his exit from Broadway all but certain. In return, the Rangers get Eminger, a 27 year old defenseman, who is in the final year of a contract that will be a $1.125 million cap hit this season. The Rangers, believe it or not, take on more cap space in this deal than with Voros. Eminger is a solid blue liner who may not put up much offense, but will play decent defense. He had a 3.0 GVT last season with the Ducks.

This move could be another step in the plan of dumping Wade Redden in Hartford. With Eminger, the Rangers have six defensemen under contract, including Redden, but not including Marc Staal or Ryan McDonagh. This is a very interesting deal, because assuming that the Rangers sign Staal, that makes seven defensemen, and McDonagh. This just adds more fuel to the fire that the Rangers are seriously considering waiving Wade Redden.

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    • why do i have a feeling there is more to come from this.why would sather take on more cap space and defencemen if he wasnt up to something.even though eminger could go to the minors and just be some kind of insurance i dont know i just get the feeling of more to come.

    • i dont think anyones taking brashear but maybe the islanders need an overrated enforcer to get to the cap limit lol.

  • QUESTION- if the rangers do not get Kovalchuk, which is a good possibility but I think Glen Sather is trying to make it happen; would Simon Gagne be a good fit for the rangers? Maybe trade Donald Brashear for Gagne. Simon’s salary would terminate at the end of the season, which would most likely be used to pay Cally and Dubi. I would like to hear some peoples spin on the situation.

    • I highly doubt the Flyers would accept that deal. I also don’t think they will trade him in division. I do Ike Gagne though, he would look good on the left of Gaborik.

    • Gagne also has control of where he goes due to his NTC. Doubtful he would OK a move to NYR. The fact that he has an expiring contract does make him attractive but if he isn’t in our future plans why give anything of value for him. Brashear won’t get it done.

      I also think that Sather wants at least one top nine wing spot open in case one of MZA, Byers, Weise or even Grachev impress in camp.

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