Scouting The Market: Shaone Morrisonn

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Shaone Morrisonn is a 27 year old defenseman who has played the past couple years with the Capitals. Tough as nails, Morrisonn doesn’t provide much in the way of offense, but he’s a solid stay-at-home defenseman, who can be very physical. A reliable partner, he helped Mike Green flourish as a offensive force. Said Caps coach Bruce Boudreau:

Shaone Morrisonn deserves a lot of the credit for allowing Mike Green to do what he’s doing. Shaone is the constant security blanket back there.

Besides the fact that his family doesn’t know how to spell (I’m sorry, but really, Shaone? Really? Between him and Chone Figgins, there are just too many people who can’t spell Sean.I’ll accept Shawn. But Shaone? Chone? Child, please), he’s a pretty good player, who doesn’t get a lot of publicity. He’ll drop the gloves, and help in a scrum. He can be the crease clearing presence the Rangers currently don’t have. He’d also be a perfect pairing for Mike Del Zotto. He also hates Sideny Crosby. No, really. That’s a plus for any Rangers fan:

“Well, I don’t like him ’cause he’s on Pittsburgh,” Morrisonn said. “On a national stage, I’m not gonna comment. But you know, for our team, I definitely dislike the Penguins and Sidney Crosby.

Morrisonn made $1.975 million last year. He can expect to make about $2 million. If they sign Morrisonn, here’s what the D-pairs could look like:




It’s not a bad top four at all, and we all saw how well Rosival played towards to end of last year. The albatross is Redden, but he’s always going to be the albatross. Morrisonn represents a significant upgrade to the defense, and he comes pretty cheap. What are your thoughts on Morrisonn? If he signs, would you support a petition to change the spelling of his name? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I think Morrisonn would be a great cheap upgrade on D to play with MDZ… could make the 2nd pairing legit… you didn’t have Gilroy on the D pairings.. do you not think he is going to make the team? Just wondering…thanks

    I agree… it should be Sean or Shawn… and that’s it

    • I didn’t have Gilroy just because there isn’t room for him if Morrisonn (or anyone else) signs. Gilroy will be in Hartford

  • Give our own kids the shot…stay away from free agency at all costs…

    prefer this

    Staal – Roszi / Sanguenetti
    McDonaugh – Girardi
    MDZ – Sauer / potter

    and draft for Forbortt, McIlrath or Tinordi

    As for Redden..send him to Hartford and buy him out and imagine each year he is on the roster he has both of his ACL’s reconstructed and is on the IR. He has to go even at 3 mil a year buy out. If he has any class and integrity he will do the Rangers club justice and re negotiate that absurd contract for the kind of results he achieved.

    • In theory, I love this. I would love to see what Sauer, Potter and Sangs can do at the NHL level.

      Personally, I say we as a fanbase hire someone to kidnap Redden.

  • This would be a very solid signing at 2 mil per, however if thats what he fetches wouldn’t he just decide to stay with the caps – he sounds like the type of guy they need to keep. The 3 mil inflator may make this feasible for them even with resigning Fleischman etc.

    Boychuk was the guy i would have targeted had he not resigned.

    Otherwise I would prefer we move Rozsival or demote Redden prior to adding a UFA Dman. it seems to me that out of Sauer, Sanguinetti, etc.

      • Agreed, isn’t Valentenko slated to attend prospect camp? I would prefer at least one spot(2 if allowing for a 7th Dman) to be available for rookie Dmen going into training camp. I don’t see why a top 5 of Staal, Girardi, MDZ, one of Rozi or Redden, and Gilroy can make for a halfway decent unit. Let the kids fight it out for the 6th and 7th spots.

        One thing is certain, we cannot afford to sign another Defensemen to an inflated contract (Volchenkov etc.)

        Dave, your reasoning with why Redden will not be sent down is plausible, but why can’t we just demote him and then not spend the 6.5 mil allotted to Redden on another player – this way he’s not blocking a more deserving player from developing?

  • Phew. About time you sobered up, re pursuing Morrisonn.

    Should Volchenkov proves beyond Slat’s means, The Cap D-man’s a smart default. Moreover, Volchenkov’s shelf-life, given the hundreds of pucks he’s absorbed, might be nigh.

    And please, child, no more chatter about Alex Burmistrov, or Vladimir Tarasenko. Here’s a rosary that Nino falls to us. Failing that, draft Forbort, Gormley or McIlrath.

    And a sticktap to Dave and LV Leatherneck. Rather than kidnapping, have Fotiu, Boxcar and Rich Pilon visit Redden. You know, like a La Cosa Nostra entertainment committee.

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