State of the Rangers

Last Night/One More

I was quite lucky to be at last night’s game. It was a playoff atmosphere to be sure. The Garden was rocking. Electric atmosphere. It didn’t hurt the Flyers were being bastards all night (case in point: on the first shift, Shelley and Carcillo got into a verbal exchange. All of the sudden, Carcillo puts his hand on Shelley’s face, and grabs his nose. You read that right. Ain’t never seen anything like that. But, I digress).

Once the Flyers scored first, there was a sense of “Here we go again”. But, the RAngers fought. The Captain played well, getting the first goal. This team fought, and clawed. It was fun to watch.

On Girardi’s fight, first, take a look:

I know Girardi’s been criticized, and some of it has been warranted. But, that was a hell of a play by Girardi, and the whole game, there was a certain snarl to his game. Good for him.

So, after that win, there is one more. In Philly. One more. All they need to do is win. Doesn’t matter if it’s in regulation, shootout, overtime. I don’t care. They just need to win. Get it done.

If Friday night was any indication, Sunday is going to be a war. A flat out war. Flyers are going to come physical. Rangers are going to have to match it, exceed it. Hank has to be big. Gaborik has to be big. This is the biggest game of the year. They have to win.

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