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Horrible play

Henrik Lundqvist stunk the MSG out last night. The defensive corpse forgot what coverage means and several forwards forgot the term backcheck. That may be one way to describe tonights listless performance.

Yes the Blues only had 16 shots (a season best against for the Rangers) but forget not that if either of two shots off posts go in or someone other than the limited BJ Crombeen has that breakaway against Hank its not inconceivable that the game is over in the Blues favour after 1. The Rangers didnt deserve anything tonight. They were careless, riddled with poor execution and today were exposed to the fact The King also has bad days.

The good about tonight? Avery continued to resemble Avery and Gaborik looked much better with his 1+2, had some jump. The funny about the game? Redden had 1+1? wow, thats a rarity – go buy a lottery ticket…

For me, the best part about last night is this: The Rangers currrently own the 8th overall pick in the draft. Clearly, the Rangers themselves wanted a lottery ticket tonight.

Why arent the Rangers going to make the playoffs now? Last years playoff cut off point was 93pts. The Rangers need to go 11-0 to get that this year. They need to be perfect yet this is the least perfect, most inconsistent Rangers since the lockout.

Happy golfing guys…. atleast you and your pal Brian Burke can go fishing earlier this year Glenn.