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Playing GM

With Rangers news almost non existant thanks mainly to the Olympics I thought we could play a little ‘GM for the day’…

In the summer, assuming Sather doesnt do anything TOO ridiculous lets assume the only definite roster members of the squad are this;

Gaborik, Lundqvist, Staal, Dubinsky,Callahan, Del Zotto, Drury, Avery, Anisimov.

What changes would you make? Assume you cannot move both the R+R brothers.

Personally my changes would start from within. I’d tell Tortorella his job is safe but we’re going young – no matter what. I’d entice Stepan out of college, the same with McDonagh and i’d put up with the growing pains you’ll get with Sanguinetti up in the big league. I’d go young. Then i’d add a mid tier sniper, for short term. I’d bring back Prospal to help lead the kids brigade.

Players i’d move out? I’d trade Girardi at this years deadline. He’s asolid top 4 guy with some upside and given the picks that have gone on players so far a 2nd rd pick would be within reach. I’d be willing to move anyone other than the above for picks. No mercy.

Hell… if it got me a 1st i’d even move Dubinsky. As i said, no mercy.

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  • I’m not trading Girardi for a pick. Girardi is a proven commodity, a young top 4 defenseman with some upside still left. Furthermore, he’s the second best D-man on this team. The present value of Girardi > the future speculative value of a 2nd round pick. If that 2nd round pick turned out to be a clone of Girardi at 26 in a few years, we’d be pretty darn pleased with ourselves as Rangers fans.

    If anything I’m looking to trade Del Zotto and seeing what I can get back for him. His value is inflated. He’s got awesome potential, but he hasn’t been anything incredible so far. Is he the future #1 we’ve been waiting for, realistically probably not. Is he a top 4 defenseman, I’d say so. But his value now is greater than that of Girardi and can therefore get a greater return.

    Regardless, I wouldn’t trade either of them unless it was for a major cost controlled star or in a package to rid us of the albatross that is Wade Redden.

    • I would have Messier be the GM next year.As for this team this is what i would do.package Rozzie,redden,lisin,gilroy,and maybe a pick to see if we can get a big power forward.If that is not an option,then so be it and send down redden and rosie.guys that are untouchable to me are:Avery,Callahan,Gabby,Henrik,Dubie,Joiken,Staal,Prospal.I would trade Drury and make either Callie or Avery the capt.Torts needs to let Avery be himself we miss his grit on the ice.

      • Next yr with Mess being the GM and i would love to see him as a head coach as well w/his wingmen being Graves and Leetch,players would definatly play hard every night for him and if they didnt he would see to it that they do.I love Torts but Mess is the man.Mike Richter would be my goalie coach.Keep Torts in the system somehow.We also need a big D man like Bueks was.And a guy who can fight like Joe Kocur.

  • surely MZ is unmoveable. Bare in mind what he has achieved he has done as a teenager. There’s been bumps on the road but he has often been our better blueliner, and that at 19. Skys the limit and you dont move players like that. For me, he’s one of the few untouchables

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