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Following the ‘Brashear Era’… Olympic talk

So Donald Brashear… it was fun while it lasted. Hold on. No it wasnt. Anyway…

With the news that Brashear has been waived and the disheartening loss to the Predators behind us we move on. With Pittsburgh on tap tonight and Tampa on Sunday we’re on the cusp of the Olympics so I wanted to get opinions on how you all think Team Canada and especially Team USA will fare. What do you think of the two rosters?

Should our $7m captain be there instead of guys like Tim Connonlly and our own (underperforming) Brandon Dubinsky? There’s probably 7 million reasons why Drury shouldnt be there (sorry couldnt resist) but he is so why do you guys think that is? Callahan… do you guys think he deserves to be there? For the record I do. He offers so many dimensions and can be deployed throughout the line up but you guys dont need me to tell you that.  

On another matter, do you guys think Marc Staal should have garnered more consideration for the Canadian Team? With so many offensive weapons on their blueline would they stand to benefit from a guy like Staal or is it too early for him? I think its a bit too early for Staal but in 4 years time I say he’s there.

In another post we’ll look into all the Rangers at the Olympics but thought we’d start it off looking at the US and Canadian Entry.

On the website I write for,, we looked at Team USA and Team Canada’s entries in more detail. Have a look, give it some thought and come right back here and tell us what you all think.

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  • Does anyone think the Brash signing was a good idea? Hands please…bueller? bueller?

    Also, hockey and curling are the only 2 reasons I will watch the Olympics…

  • I think Canada ends up with the silver at least, but since the ‘Lympics are in Canada, they will get the gold (makes up for losing the IIHF World Juniors, haha). USA is young, and I think that’s to their advantage; and if the Capitals can lose in the playoffs (like they did last year), Russia can be upset too. USA could definitely net the bronze.

    Drury may not put points on the board, but I have to defend him; he throws his body out there a lot, and blocks shots very well. I think his leadership makes him a solid choice; he, Dustin Brown, Langenbrunner, and Doug Weight are the only American NHL captains in the league.

    Staal’s too young, and it’s a real uphill battle to make the Canadian ‘Lympic team if you’re a stay-at-home defenseman.

    • Bettman… did you read the US article on the site i suggested? it mentions the youth of the US. i think the US team can be scary good in a few years. The next Olympics they dont need to fear anyone if their kids develop as they seem to be doing…
      And im not surprised there’s only 4 US captains in the league. But if you think back to the youth again, i expect that to change long term.

  • I think signing him was good….if you were going to play your 4th line more than 5 minutes a night, or put a big intimidating body in front of the opposing nets during a PP. But Torts doesn’t roll that way. He never really got the opportunity to play so the signing gets an incomplete grade from me.

    On the other hand, I don’t think Drury should have gotten signed to the olympic roster. His stats have declined every season over the past 4. He’s old, he’s slow, and he doesn’t contribute much on the ice anymore. Callahan is fast, and given the proper linemates, I think he can excel. He’s a fast grinder, and every line needs one of those, they also need a playmaker and a sniper, but I digress.

    As for Staal, he’s still a work in progress, he’s not as good as everyone makes him out to be. Yes, he’s pretty good on nights at slamming people, and plays decently with the puck. But he’s like a chick fresh from the egg, doesn’t know his limits yet and wouldn’t bring much to the blueline of an olympc roster….yet.

    As is the case of most people who like the Rangers, there is a tendency to overevaluate the skills of our players. I saw something yesterday asking for a trade using, Sangs, Girardi and Dubinsky for an Elite Player…it made me laugh…offering a prospect, a 3rd pair dman, and a 2nd liner for an elite player.

    Just rememner these kids are all works in progress, they haven’t even hit their stride, and we are still in a rebuilding mode. As I have said previously, the best thing to happen to us is to have Rosi, Redden, and Drury retire in the offseason….free up that 17.5 million please.

    • good points mikeyyyyy…. yes all our kids are still works in progress and thats why we need patience as this team (hopefully) is still growing.

      BTW i love your comment on Staal ‘chick/egg’. Thats a pretty good analogy. He’s definitely still learning the nuances and dare i say it, still filling out his body? He has room for more in his game which is a good thing.

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