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Johnson Down, Zaba Up

The Great Goalie Shuffle of 2010 continues, with Chad Johnson being sent down to Hartford, and Matt Zaba being called up to the big time. Of course, Johnson is just getting playing time, and I would be shocked if Zaba actually plays. Still, this shuffle can’t be good for Johnson or the team. Johnson has shown he can play at the NHL-level. Shouldn’t they just keep him up?

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  • Jeremy… this isnt ideal but its the best for Johnson. He needs playing time. Its not exactly farfrom Conneticut to NY and vice versa so the strain on him shouldnt be bad. I wouldnt be surprised if he starts in the A tonight (?) and starts at home to Ottawa on Thursday. That would be ideal. If the Rangers win against Jersey i’d put money on Chad playing against the Sens

  • This really is the best deal for Johnson. He needs to be kept sharp and playing him down in the ‘A’ is the way to do that. I’m sure Johnson is not looking at this as a negative.

  • They need him to develop as a starter, so that he can be of the highest value. Why keep him up to watch Hank when he get starts and have Zaba watch Hank?

    I expect he will be called up to start another game before the Olympics.

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