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Swing and a Miss

Much like the Yankees swinging and missing last night, the Rangers lost the game to the Islanders on a similar swing and miss play, and it came in the second period. After a beautiful save by Henrik Lundqvist on the Islander powerplay, a rebound came to the front of the net. Dan Girardi, again playing terribly, swung at the puck in the air, missed, and Kyle Okposo buried the rebound. The proper play there Dan, is to get your body in front of the play and tie up Okposo.

This is not to say that Girardi should be singled out, as Wade Redden and Matt Gilroy fell asleep and let Matt Moulson behind them for the game’s first tally. There’s also the powerplay that looked lost without Marian Gaborik, and the offense in general, that struggled to find consistency without Gaborik.

Not all of it was negative though, rookie (sort of) P.A. Parenteau, called up to replace Gaborik in the lineup, netted his first goal of his NHL career, and was generally the best Ranger on the ice for the game. He has a nose for the net, and was essentially the only Ranger that was consistently charging the net and looking for loose pucks.

The need for a seventh defenseman is really intensifying. The six defensemen either look gassed or just comfortable. Neither is a good thing.

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  1. I’ve been saying it for nearly 2 weeks now (regardless of his 3 goals) that Girardi needs to take a seat.
    From what i’ve read McDonagh is coming out of college next year and with his expiring deal i can seriously see Girardi being the guy to leave.

    Depending on IF we get the 7th guy (and how they turn out)i can even see him being moved by the deadline. He’s seriously stagnated the past 12 months.

    I liked Parenteau from what i read and heard last night. He might be a rookie but he played without fear and i like that. Keep him around to have a noose around guys like Higgins’ necks at the very least.

    1. and dont get me wrong, i like Girardi so i hope he turns it around but maybe he’s a case of water finding its level?
      he’s a long time removed from his 10 goal (30ish point) season as a youngster.

  2. I’m on the record saying Girardi is expendable, and he’s proving my point this year.

    McDonagh is still one AHL season away. It’s more likely that Sanguinetti would be the one to replace Girardi.

    For the immediate future, they should have picked up Cory Murphy when he was waived.

  3. Dave,

    i liked Murphy when he signed for the Panthers out of Finland but he isnt what we need. Although he can certainly move the puck.
    As a 7th D man maybe, but if we add anything to the back line i’d rather get a physical presence and he’s anything but. In fact he has health issues.
    I think McDonagh is the type of player that might be able to make the jump straight away, he has a very multi faceted game and can play physical, skate and provide offense. I hope he projects as has been publicised.

    Having said that, im a big Sanguinetti supporter and hope he gets a chance to play. The way Girardi is going his chance may come sooner rather than later.

  4. The seventh defenseman needs to be someone capable of handling himself playing once a week. The big bodies are supposed to be Voros and Brashear, you don’t need a big banger on the blueline to win.

    1. I agree you dont need a big banger to win but it has to be a cocnern that a few of the goals we’ve conceded recently have been where players have gone down the middle untoucehd.

      I know there was a lucky bounce but Healtey’s goal on the PP where he went right through the middle…. he needed to be put on his a5s or at the very least a defencemen needed to have a better position.

      While we may not need a goon like a Witt i do think we need to be more physical on the back end.

  5. Going down the middle untouched is poor defense in general. A physical presence doesn’t change that, a headstrong defenseman does.

    1. agreed, so where does your personal issue lie?

      is it purely the need to have a threat of a benching (a 7th d-man) around or do you think we need something extra?

      in your opinion do you think we’re physical enough?

  6. An example needs to be made of by Torts, and that is generally done by taking a 7th defenseman and sitting someone who is supposed to be a regular (Rozsival, Girardi). That threat alone should scare the crap out of everyone into not playing so damn lazy.

    They aren’t physical enough, but they have the personnel to be physical, they just aren’t doing their job (Staal, Girardi, Voros, Brashear, Boyle).

    1. I think we have the forwards to be physical (hell, even our go-to guy Gaborik finishes his checks)but im concerned about the lack of genuine physicality on the blueline.

      Yes Staal can play the body effectively and Girardi can but the rest of the D you’d ‘label’ more finesse types. I dont think we have a great balance. To be honest i like the talent level there (albeit some underperform)i just dont think we’re aggressive enough.

      maybe its just my opinion!…..

  7. Don’t get me wrong, they can definitely benefit from having a body like Komisarek on the blue line, but those types are hard to find. The last real check finisher was Kasparitis.

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