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Game 11: Rangers At Canadiens

The Rangers travel up to Montreal to take on Scott Gomez, Paul Mara and the Canadiens. This will be the first time that Gomez and Mara are facing their old team; it’s also the first time Chris Higgins is going back to Montreal.

Dave detailed the new lines and defensive pairings for you, but here they are anyway:


Enver Lisin-Vinny Prospal (remaining at center)-Marian Gaborik
Sean Avery-Chris Drury-Ales Kotalik
Christopher Higgins-Brandon Dubinsky-Ryan Callahan
Donald Brashear/Brian Boyle-Artem Anisimov-Aaron Voros.


Michael Del Zotto remained with Michal Rozsival. Otherwise, Staal skated with Matt Gilroy while Wade Redden was paired with Girardi.


It’ll be interesting to see how these new combos work. The Rangers will also have to deal with the “Les Smurfs” line of Gionta, Gomez and Cammalleri, especially with Gomez probably wanting some revenge. Lundqvist is in. Brashear is out. For Montreal, Jarsolav Halak is in goal. Gametime is at 7, on MSG. And now that the Yankee game is postponed, I want full attention on the Blueshirts! Lots of comments tonight! No excuses! Enjoy the game

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  1. Prospal was stoned by Halak. Honestly,. what happened to Price being the guy of the future? Halak is playing better, and played 3 in a row.

  2. Cammalleri scores on a GORGEOUS pass by Gionta. He was on the ice, and let Cammalleri shoot to a wide open net. Gomer got lots of space. Not a good start, not much going.

  3. avery really pissed me off on the goal….what a weak forecheck. seriously he was coasting behind the offensive blue line to get to the puck. you have to skate HARD on the forecheck.

    overall the rangers just are being out-skate

  4. that avery-drury-kotalik line is good. hardworking goal by that line, all due to Aves. Girardi had a nice play too.

  5. And now Gilroy scores. first line. shot from the point goes in. 3-1. that first goal woke them up.

  6. Good start to the second. I think this is where Torts is better than Renney: Torts will motivate the crap out of you;he’s not afriad to speak his mind. Renney, I felt, was too tactical, too concerned about what his players thought of him. And that probably cost him his job. That and the power play.

  7. Hank stays in, but he doesn’t look too good. Looked like a leg. he looks shaken up. Crap. Oh, and the Habs scored. 3-2.

  8. Can always count on Gaborik for a goal when you need it. Two great passes by MDZ and Lisin. Gabby scores on the breakaway. pretty move too. It’s fun having a superstar, isn’t it?

  9. higgins has got to go, hes not scored and now he plays shit hockey and doesnt get back to cover the slot on 4th goal

    1. I wouldn’t say he has to go. I would say, though, a benching could be in order. Bring up Grachev. Show him his spot is not safe. Maybe that would work.

      1. good idea b/c this is his contract year and he might wake uo,grachev has been strugling down there

  10. From what I heard on the radio, Hank got hurt, Gaborik scored a pretty goal, and it’s a shootout.

    After the scariest drive home ever, I’ll be able to watch the third period. Awesome.

    1. Yeah that’s about right. Hank seems fine though. And yeah weather is awful. It was raining so hard I could barely hear the tv

        1. That’s awful. I remember one time a few years back, when it was swowning so I hard, I couldn’t see. I literally had to stop on the middle of the highway and wipe the windshield. Did that every 5 minutes. Awful. I need to move to California

  11. Question time: How much would you have to be paid to take a shot from Kotalik off your chest, no pads. I would say $5 million. That shot is hard.

    1. It depends on if I can wear some equipment. His shot off your chest with no padding can kill someone (lacrosse shots kill goalies more often than one would like).

    1. Best game of the season, in my humble opinion. Saved one goal, started the Kotalik goal. Really good game. Torts got through to him

    1. to his credit, he did get back and try to break up the play. granted, he almost severely hurt Hank. But, he should be out there. he’s too good

        1. I was really excited about Higgins when they got him. Now I’m not so sure. Might be pressing but needs to produce soon

  12. Dubinsky has been out for more than a full period, and Higgins for at least a full period, but a little less than Dubi.

    I guess it wasn’t just the turnover for Dubi.

  13. Gabby wasn’t even trying there. Redden and Gilroy do have to step up there, but even if they do, Hank isn’t gonna stop that shot. Cammy’s got a rocket. Hard to quantify this game. On the one hand, pretty good offensively. But, awful defensively. Too many penalties. And then there’s Dubi and Higgins. That’s material for a later post.

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