Camp Notes

Some camp notes, courtesy of Andrew Gross:

  • Coach John Tortorella thinks that the hold out situation with Brandon Dubinsky is “stupid, he needs to be here.” I couldn’t agree more, but it is a testament to Dubinsky’s agent, Kurt Overhardt, to not respond and leave everything out of the press. This is the way a negotiation should be handled.
  • There’s not much else to say on the Dubinsky matter other than it will get done. Sooner or later, he will be “signed”. But I am surprised that he isn’t in camp as a “non-roster invitee”. I’m not sure if it’s against the CBA to have an unsigned RFA in camp though.
  • The Rangers invited veteran defenseman Alexei Semenov as a non-roster invitee. He will compete for that 6th/7th defenseman role.
  • In the overblown news department, Marian Gaborik did not skate at yesterday’s sprint session. Surely, everyone will panic, but this is just the Rangers organization taking the necessary precautions with their high priced, and fragile, winger. Relax.
  • People are misreading the P.A. Parenteau contract status. Yes, he is signed to a one-way deal, but that does not necessarily mean he will have to pass through waiver to get called up (thus guaranteeing him a roster spot). For more information on one-way and two-way deals, please refer to this post.

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