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Rangers Interested in Sundin?

Finally, some hockey news to report on. After 750 words of ranting on two topics, it feels good to post on something that actually relates to the Rangers. By the way, don’t forget, if you are interested in a BSB Fantasy Hockey League, email me.

According to Steve Zipay, the Rangers are reportedly interested, again, in Brett Favre’s Mats Sundin’s return to the NHL. While Sundin never formally retired, he did wait until December of last season to decide where he wanted to go. Considering he is 38, getting married in a week, and camp is 20 days away, you have to wonder what kind of shape he is in. He certainly isn’t in John Tortorella shape.

It is widely known that the Rangers are looking for a #1 center, preferably with size. But with a little under $3 million in cap room, and Brandon Dubinsky still twiddling his thumbs, you have to wonder what the plan here is. Between Drury, Prospal, Dubsinky, and maybe Anisimov as a dark horse, the Rangers have enough options to see who can center Gaborik. Gabby had Pierre-Marc Bouchard as his center (I think) during his tenure in Minnesota, and Bouchard isn’t exactly your typical #1 center.

Gaborik also had Aaron Voros on his LW. It’s not like he needs a play maker. Let’s see how Prospal-Dubinsky-Gaborik does. It can’t hurt to try.

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  1. Dave,

    i agree ref Gabby and no need for Sundin.
    i actually think, based on Anisimov’s AHL year, we have very good depth at centre. Dubinsky and Drury can both realitically score 50 points this year (which should be a minimum) and i see no reason for AA not to score 40.

    Gaborik doesnt need a set up man desperately and the offensive system should help all these players. i also think Boyle can contribute offensively. i see him as an option parked in front on the PP. He’s huge and has proven he can score at various levels.

    Withthe commitment to youth, if its genuine, we should no interest in Sundin at all. Either we give the kids a chance or we dont. But do it properly or not at all.

    I say play AA, Boyle, a kid on the wing and a pair on the back end. Lets build something.

    No Sundins!

  2. I think it’s just the old “getting the NY team involved” to try and drive up the price. It doesn’t really work that often in a salary cap league though.

    Plus, with Grachev not going to the OHL this year (post coming tomorrow, you can check it at Beyond the Blueshirts for now), it makes you wonder why they would even look at Sundin.

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