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Go see the Captain

Chris Drury was at a team event yesterday signing autographs and received several questions about his new teammates.  One question that stood out to me was when he was asked about new Rangers enforcer, Donald Brashear, and how the team would respond to him after he nearly decapitated Blair Betts during the playoffs last season.

I don’t think any guys will have a problem.  If anybody does, they can come see me

Its a little hard to capture what he really meant behind that statement when its written in a newspaper article.  In my opinion, I think Drury is finally (and hopefully) comfortable being this team’s leader.  There’s no more Shanny, no more Gomez.  There’s no question now as to who is the leader of the Blueshirts, and perhaps Drury now feels more sure of himself.

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  • He can’t defer to anyone else, like he did with Jagr/Shanny (and probably Naslund too). I like this approach, and this attitude. i don’t like Brashear, but the minute he lays out Crosby, he will get a standing ovation.

    NY loves the Brashear type, just not Brashear himself because of the Betts incident.

  • i think Brashear is a nice addition albeit overpaid with too much term and we need Drury to really take over so this is a good sign.

    I’d like to see Drury be alot more vocal and demand the puck too. We could do with a 30 goal Drury.

      • agreed. a 65 point Drury probably means a 25(?) goal Kotalik and if both hit those figures i think its safe to assume the PP improves.

        i genuinely think we have more goal scoring (potential)on this team than since Jagr yr1 but alot fo that does rely on Dru and his buddy hitting these kind of targets.

  • Less talk is more. What I want to see is him earning half his contract. The rest is blah, blah, management mouth peice.

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