Rangers add Kotalik

Steve Zipay reports that the Rangers have agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent winger Ales Kotalik. Kotalik went 20-23-43 in 75 games split between Buffalo and Edmonton last year. Various reports say it’s a three year deal worth $3M per, basically market value. He earned $2.5M last season. A teammate of Chris Drury in Buffalo, Kotalik has averaged just over 22 goals per 82 games played in his career.

The move adds depth and another scoring winger to a team in need of one, but it likely spells the end for Nik Zherdev’s brief tenure on Broadway.

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  • Thanks Mike. I was at training all day and I didn’t have access to update for this.

    I’ll be writing on this tomorrow.

    But, ugh.

  • I’m not a fan of this move at all. I have a cousin who is a huge Sabres fan that did nothing but complain about Kotalik. Said he was lazy, unreliable in his own zone and a mediocre scorer at best. Not to mention he doesn’t like to muck it up at all. When is Sather going to watch a Red Wings game and realize the Rangers desperately need someone who will go to the front of the net and get dirty to score a goal?

    • i think he’d have been worth an investment if it was 1 or 2 years at 2-2.5m…. committing 9m to him is a mistake. Sather has a reputation for wanting to take on reclamation projects and Kotalik is seen as slightly damaged goods so maybe thats why he went for him.

      On another note; He does have size and cant use it any worse than Zherdev and i see this as a move to directly improve the PP as he has alot of tools there.

      He’s clearly very talented and if he plays up to his talent 3m is good business but its a big question mark as to whether he will…

      Worst case scenario; he has a bad year and he has 2yrs 6m left – thats not unmoveable!

      one last thing; He’s a guaranteed 20 goal scorer and Washington gave another one of those (knuble (35 no less!)) 2.8m so its not a huge overpayment.

  • Really nothing to do but wait and see what happens to Zherdev and Korpi because its highly unlikely both remain.

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