Irresponsible Rumormongering

Draft Day Deals

With the draft rapidly approaching, most of the focus has been away from the prospects, and towards the slew of players on the trading block. Players like Vinny Lecavalier, who has been linked to Montreal and L.A., Dany Heatley, who has also been linked to Montreal (all these links via ESPN Rumors, citing Eklund as their source, so take this one with a grain ton of salt). Personally, I see Heatley going to L.A. or SJ, and Vinny staying put. I also don’t see Montreal doing anything, they need to get their own players under contract first.

It will be a very exciting first day of the draft, I hope. It is incredibly tough to deal high priced superstars with the salary cap, but there are a handful of teams looking to add a superstar that not only have the cap room, but have the pieces to move (Jack Johnson, LA).

Do the Rangers have the pieces to either move up in the draft or acquire the go-to scorer that they need, and Torts desperately wants? Between draft picks, the slew of defensive prospects, Dubi, Cally, AA and Grachev, definitely. But do they have the cap room? Nope. Sather will need to be real creative.

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