Draft Combine: Wrap-up

TSN has a nice wrap up of this year’s draft combine. A few points on the prospects I want the Rangers to draft:

Group #6

3:24 pm et – Schenn came in and did the same thing as Tavares, skipping the upper-body exercises and leaving onlookers to speculate that he may have an upper-body/shoulder injury.

Landon Ferraro (#18) then followed suit, opting out of the bench press and push-ups.

I wouldn’t really look to deep into opting out of an exercise. It won’t really hurt his draft position.

Group #2

10:42 am et – Jordan Schroeder, a top prospect at #5, did his wingate test and vomited once it was complete. He also completed 17 bench presses at 150 pounds, one of the best showings we’ve seen through two groups so far. Schroeder, who measured in at 5’8, seemed to enjoy the Combine experience.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Schroeder told TSN’s James Cybulski afterwards. “A little nervous at first but once you get going into the workout, it’s pretty intense. Everyone will say the bikes are definitely the hardest. You’re a little dizzy afterwards.”

Schroeder was even able to joke about his involuntarily physical response to the wingate, saying, “A little bit came up – I have to admit, a little bit came up.”

Schroeder’s stock has risen considerably since the piece I wrote on the draft. He won’t fall to the Rangers.

Brandon winger Scott Glennie (ranked #7) had a solid vertical, though his upper body strength was questionable, though that could very well be a reflection of his missing time this season with a broken elbow.

This may be helpful to the Rangers, as the poor performance could cause him to slip. However, I don’t think it will make him slide that much, considering the broken elbow.

I’ll still be happy with Ferraro if Glennie doesn’t fall to the Rangers, but Glennie, to me, is the prize of the mid first round. For more of my thoughts on Glennie, read the posts here and here.