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Rangers Sign Jordan Owens; Zherdev in Worlds

As per Carp, the Rangers have signed Jordan Owens. The 23 year-old winger played in Hartford last year, registering 12 goals and 37 points.

This is a pure Wolfpack signing, don’t expect this kid to ever make it to the Rangers.

As for more, well, relevant Rangers, Nikolai Zherdev is currently playing in the 2009 World Championships in Switzerland. In two games, he has an assist and is +2. He is playing with former whipping boy Ranger Dmitri Kalinin, who is 2-2-4 and +4 in 6 games. Also on the club is Alexander Radulov, who in 6 games is 3-3-6 and +5. Maybe Zherdev can help recruit Radulov back to the US and to the Rangers? I would love it.

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  • I am not doubting his speed, killing ability, or work ethic. I am doubting that there is a place on the roster for him. The general assumption is that Betts and Sjostrom will get resigned, which leaves no place for Owens anywhere on the Ranger roster.

    We shall see though. He will be relatively inexpensive, and could be used as the 13th winger.

  • Dave,

    I thought the same, however, with the sudden sale of them, et al, there just might be a place for a cheaper alternative.

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