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Game 69: Rangers at Philly


Our beloved Blueshirts won the first of their must win games on Thursday against Nashville. After a sloppy first, they absolutely dominated the game in the final two periods to come away with the win. One down, eight to go.

Today, they look to continue that strong play against Philly, the first game of a home-and-home. Say what you want about afternoon games, but in reality, it doesn’t matter if they are 50-0 in afternoon games. All that matters now is the game they are playing that day. Today is just another two points that they need.

This looks to be a very exciting game to watch, as the Flyers are a very high scoring team, and the Rangers under Torts are, if not a high scoring team, an aggressive team that puts up goals and forces the issue. We should be treated to great games today and tomorrow.

As for lineup changes, Andrew Gross is reporting that the lines you saw end the game in Nashville will be the same lines for tomorrow:


Same defense, Hank in net.

The game is a 1pm, on MSG. Enjoy.

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  • Wow, Torts is still mad at Big Z I guess. I mean, it’s not the 4th line, but he’s not along side Dru or Gomez anymore…

  • Lots of hits on Avery, and lots of them away from the play, do you think the refs are kind of letting it go cause of who he is and what he’s done?

    Kind of like the players sending a message, are the refs?

    • The play by Coburn should have been a penalty. That call on Richards was borderline, it was a shoulder hit.

      But it does seem like people seem to be targeting him.

  • Course Bing does this the year after I graduate, but what can you do. I’m seriously considering taking half a week at work and road tripping for this game.

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