Fifteen Games Remaining

Of these 15 games remaining, the Rangers need to win 9 to at least have a chance of making the playoffs. This is no easy task, considering the remaining games they have:

1 @ Nashville
4 vs Flyers (2 home, 2 away)
2 vs. Montreal (1 home, 1 away)
1 vs. Buffalo(4 point swing game)
1 vs. Ottawa
1 vs. Minnesota

1 @ Atlanta
1 @ Pittsburgh (4 point swing game)

1 vs. Devils
1 @ Carolina (4 point swing game)
1 @ Boston

The bolded games (7) are the games that the Rangers need to win. After those, there are 8 other games where the Rangers need to win 3. There is very little margin for error now, and the 4 point swing games vs. Buffalo, Pitt and Carolina are the most important games of the year. A loss in any of those games, and they will need extra wins to make the post season.

The Rangers control their own destiny, and it starts Thursday at Nashville.

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