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Game 66: Rangers vs. Bruins

Another afternoon game, another nationally televised game. Let’s hope the Rangers play better in these situations under Torts. A big oh-fer in afternoon games isn’t a good thing.

Avery returns to MSG, and Antropov and Morris make their MSG debut as Rangers.

The Rangers scored 10 goals in two games against two bad teams, let’s see if the offense can continue this pace.

It’s a 12:30 start today on NBC.

End of 1st period: A few notes about this game so far:

  • I forgot how fast Avery is. He’s been beating everyone to loose pucks, he really loves NY and it shows.
  • This team just looks different under Torts. Forechecking, creating turnovers, putting the puck on net, it’s night and day compared to Renney’s system.
  • Dubi on the wing with Drury adds an element on faceoffs that I didn’t notice until today. Since Dubi is left handed and Drury right, they alternate who takes the faceoffs. Dubi takes them on the left side of the ice, and Drury on the right.
  • Redden is a different player all of a sudden. He is playing with a confidence and poise we haven’t seen in a long time. He may not be a #1 defensemen, but he isn’t a liability anymore.

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  • Not the greatest win the world, giving up 2 goals in the 3rd after leading 3-1 heading into the final period, but they got a big late goal, and 2 points are 2 points…

    Sean Avery Effect 08/9: 2-0-0 (4 of 4pts)

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