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Per Adrian Dater, the Rangers have called about center Paul Stastny, who is set to be a UFA. We covered Stastny and his fit in New York, but the biggest issue here will be money. Some crazy team might give him a truckload of money, and the Rangers don’t really have the space to handle more than $6 million. It’s doable at his current salary of $6.6 million, but it would leave the Rangers with very little wiggle room.

Since this is the first year with the “negotiating” period, expect to see a lot of snippets like this. Glen Sather is doing his homework and his job, but just because he calls about someone doesn’t mean he will sign that guy.

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Potential UFA target: Paul Stastny

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The best player available.

The best player available.

With the buyout of Brad Richards, the Rangers created a hole at center. Assuming Derek Stepan is still slotting in as the 1C, the Rangers still have a hole at either 2C or 3C, depending on where¬†you slot Derick Brassard. There aren’t many attractive options on the market, but the best player available is clearly Paul Stastny.

Let’s get the big thing out of the way first: Stastny will be expensive, but he will not (should not) be getting much of a raise on his $6.6 million salary. Stastny hasn’t sniffed 70 points since the 2009-2010 season, and his 60 points this past season were his highest since that year. That said, Stastny has also been playing behind Matt Duchene and ahead of Ryan O’Reilly in Colorado (holy depth Batman!), so he’s not getting the prime matchups either.

But Stastny’s worth goes beyond the stat sheet. Stastny not only puts up decent points, he’s a #fancystats darling.

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