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As most of you know, one of the main hobbies I have regarding hockey is creating visuals for other leagues. Prior to this year I have been mostly focusing on North America and Russia but I will now be seeping into most other leagues. While doing my research to try to get the most information possible, I truly became a big fan of the New York Rangers’ 7th round pick Patrik Virta.

For the new readers, Virta is a buzzsaw type player, he gets in on the forecheck and is defensively responsible. Over the last couple of years, he also began to generate points as well. Seen as a good playmaker mostly from behind the net given his adept forechecking ability Virta also has a pretty strong shot that has been used on the PP.

Overall he has been growing as a player and the Rangers felt it would be worth drafting his rights before other people can sign him. One other thing about Patrik Virta, he is becoming an absolute possession monster and given that he is 21 years old, Virta may be pushing for a roster spot sooner than we may expect from a 7th rounder.

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Lets Chat Prospects

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Ty Ronning

The 2017 draft has provided something for Rangers fans that we haven’t had in years: First round caliber prospects that are likely one year away from the NHL. It almost feels magical, a year after a draft we have two talented young centers that can push their way into having important roles on the big club.

With all that said, we still have other prospects that are trying to make names for themselves. Over the course of the season, I will be trying to give updates on a handful of prospects that may interest fans. It won’t be all of them, but more so the ones that are making waves over the week. If I don’t mention a prospect that you would really like talked about, I will read the comments of these posts every week and try to see if I can incorporate a name or two whenever I can.

Making us Proud:

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adam tambellini

Hey everyone. Sorry for the brief hiatus, I was studying for an entrance exam and with it finally behind me, I can put all my focus into hockey. Without further ado, here is the continuation of my prospect rankings.

28. Chris Nell G- It’s hard to believe that only four years ago the Rangers had arguably the worst goaltending prospects. Our future after Henrik Lundqvist looked bleak but then all of a sudden, BOOM we have a farm. Chris Nell was one of the recent acquisitions that added to an already deep crease and apparently, the Rangers have liked him for a while.

Two seasons ago, Nell had an astounding year on a pretty poor team for Bowling Green. I don’t really spend a lot of time watching college hockey, and when I do Bowling Green is certainly not at the top of my list. According to the, it is possible to attribute Nell’s less remarkable season to an unexpected death in the family.

The Rangers have had some good success in finding goalies in the unknown college hockey schools (Cam Talbot), so there is nothing I see wrong with getting a goalie who has shown the ability to carry a bad team. Nell has been known to be a more aggressive goalie, giving the Rangers a large variety in their goaltending pool style wise. Given the goalie depth in North America right now (Halverson, Georgiev, Nell) it can be fair to assume Nell will be getting a good amount of games with the Swamp Rabbits in the ECHL next year.

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New York Rangers 2017 Draft Recap

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lias andersson

The 2017 NHL Draft has come and gone, with the Rangers making seven picks. They picked just one North American player, with the rest coming from the various European leagues. That’s a bit of a deviation from prior drafts, and likely has to do with the lack of North American talent in this draft. The Rangers also went heavy with the over-agers (20+ year olds), another deviation from the norm. But if there’s one person who has earned the trust of the fans, it’s Gordie Clark. So let’s recap.

First Round (#7) Lias Andersson

Lias Andersson is a really interesting pick. At one end of the spectrum it may be upsetting because he likely doesn’t have that really high potential that we may have wanted after trading Derek Stepan, but he is the kind of player that I think everyone who loves hockey will love him on the Rangers. He does everything well and is known as a super intelligent 200 foot player with a quick release on his shot.

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Rangers take Patrik Virta with pick #207

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Patrik Virta

The Rangers have taken yet another over-ager at pick #207, taking center Patrik Virta. The 5’10”, 175 lb center put up 14-12-26 in the Finnish Elite League (SM-Liga) last season. He put up 5-1-6 in 6 playoff games as well. It’s worth noting that 26 points is a lot in Finland. It’s a notoriously low scoring league, like Sweden.

I don’t know much else about him. Josh tweeted that he drives puck possession. I’ll defer to him in tomorrow’s post. Lots of Euros.

That’s it for the draft. Looks like the scouting staff didn’t like many North Americans.

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