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Thoughts following the 2018 NHL Draft

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Happy Friday, BSB community! Last Friday evening, the Rangers embarked on the organization’s most important Draft in quite some time.  Seven rounds worth of picks (10 total) and a couple of trades took place, which made clear the team is maintaining a long-range view with their re-build strategy.  No big splashes, no connections to pricey free agents, just a pure drafting and developing strategy.  As you can imagine after all that, I have some thoughts…

1. On the day of the Draft, I wrote an article on what was at stake for the organization.  The two things I wanted to see was a clear organizational philosophy about how to move forward with the re-build and to see some prudent asset management.  I think we got shades of both of those things.  I think the organizational philosophy is pretty clear long-term, but not so much in the short term.  All three first round picks are at least a year away from The Show and the Rangers did a pretty decent job of trying to swing for elite talent.  Asset management evaluation was a little difficult because the Rangers only made two trades, both pick for pick moves involving no NHL players.  Read More→

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vitali kravtsov

The Rangers made three selections last night as the full rebuild continues. Much of the focus was on selecting Vitali Kravtsov over Oliver Wahlstrom. But before Day Two starts, I have some quick thoughts on the picks:

  • Last year, we all killed the Rangers for selecting Lias Andersson because he was the “safe” pick and you want to swing for the fences. This year, I see a bunch of people killing the Rangers for taking Kravtsov over Wahlstrom for the exact opposite reason. I would have loved Wahlstrom at 9, but Kravtsov has possibly the highest non-Svechnikov ceiling in the draft. He’s an elite talent. A bit of a project, but his ceiling is higher than Wahlstrom’s.

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