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Sundin in Town

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As per Steve Zipay, Mats Sundin will be in town this weekend. Don’t get too excited though, there hasn’t been any buzz about Sather meeting with the unemployed center. Plus, the Rangers would have to clear a lot of cap space to make room for Sundin.

What would they have to clear? Well, since Sundin will be looking at roughly $2-$3 million, the Rangers would have to find a taker for Rozsival (which isn’t happening) or a combination of Kalinin and Prucha (better chance of this happening). Will this happen before Sundin’s self-imposed deadline to start playing by December 15? Doubtful.

It looks like Sundin wants to go to a team that is already in line to be a Cup contender. Of the teams interested in him, the Canadiens make the most sense. They are one of three teams that are serious contenders (Boston, Pittsburgh) for the Eastern crown. If it was all about the money, he would have been in Vancouver a long time ago.


So relax, enjoy some Ranger hockey against a woeful Thrashers team, and know that the odds of Shanahan returning to NY are higher than Sundin playing for the Rangers.

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