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Thoughts during the dog days

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Happy Friday, BSB crew. It is officially the dog days of summer. The Draft and free agency have come and gone, and surprisingly, we haven’t seen much movement out of our (beloved?) Rangers since the end of June.  We have seen a few contract updates and the major RFA’s are still yet to sign, but as we inch closer to the return of hockey, I have some scattered thoughts while there isn’t much happening in Rangerstown…

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Let’s put aside for just a moment that John Tavares is a New York Islander and that, historically, Islanders who become free agents rarely choose to sign with the Rangers. Let’s pretend that the Rangers actually have a chance at signing him, free of all the potential obstacles and baggage that would come with such a move.  Should they do it?  Jeff Gorton has the unenviable task of rebuilding the Rangers and his answer to this question may very well define his tenure as General Manager.

There are good arguments on both sides of this debate.  Tavares was the first overall pick in the 2009 Draft.  He will be 28 when next season starts.  His pedigree and career statistics (272-349-621 in 669 games; 2.89 all situations P/60 over the last five seasons, which compares favorably to Steven Stamkos) speak for themselves.  In a word, Tavares is elite.  The Rangers have not had a player like him on their roster since Jaromir Jagr, and haven’t had a center with Tavares’ ability since Mark Messier.

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MSG in May (Deadspin)

Happy Friday, BSB people.  With last night’s loss to the Islanders, the clock continues to tick down on a lost season.  With one game to play, the Rangers currently sit in 23rd place in the league, just one point ahead of the Blackhawks and Oilers.  If those teams win their remaining game(s), there is a long shot possibility that the Rangers could drop as low as 25th.  With some moving parts still ahead for the Blueshirts, I have some thoughts…

1. If the Rangers do happen to fall into 25th place, they will have a 6.5% chance at the number 1 overall pick.  Slim chance there, even though the 31st ranked team only has an 18.5% chance.  The general consensus is that the talent drops off significantly after the top 9-10 picks, so the Rangers could use a stroke of good fortune when their lottery ball pops.  Read More→

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Let’s talk about John Tavares

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John Tavares is 11th among active players in points per game

As the summer drags on, the attention of the hockey world is beginning to shift to the coming season and beyond.

One storyline that is already generating buzz and will only continue to build momentum is the pending free agency of John Tavares.

For his part, Tavares has repeatedly expressed his desire to remain an Islander. That said – the reasons he might start seriously thinking about leaving the Islanders are obvious.

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