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The Heatley Saga Is Over…Finally

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Finally, we can put an end to the Heatley-to-the-Rangers rumors. The Ottawa Senators have traded the winger, with a 5th round pick, to San Jose for Milan Michalek, Jonathan Cheechoo, and a 2nd round pick. This is a decent pull for Heatley, as Ottawa had nearly zero negotiating power.

Michalek is a solid young winger who will most likely flourish while playing with Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson. Cheechoo, who has never really returned to the 50-goal form he showed a few years ago, was most likely a “salary throw-in”. I put that term in quotes because it would be wrong to underestimate Cheechoo, but he just hasn’t shown that elite goal scorer form he once had.

I, along with a lot of Ranger fans, can finally breathe a little easier knowing that the farm (ie: Marc Staal) won’t be sold for Heatley.

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You Know Who I’m Sick Of?

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Dany Heatley. Just when I thought all the drama was over, he goes and “speaks out” abouthis trade demands, bringing himself right back to the center of attention. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that his “diminished role” is the reason for his trade demand. He wants to be the center of attention, and this “interview” is just proof that all he cares about is himself.

His statement about the Edmonton deal shows his ignorance to the business of the game as well. When you demand a trade publicly like that, your team loses a lot of negotiating power, thus the deal your GM will want probably won’t be offered. Edmonton was the only team left, once the Rangers signed Marian Gaborik, with a legitimate offer on the table. That’s how the business is run Dany boy. You were never going to be presented with 29 options. I don’t see why you turned down Edmonton either. There aren’t any real superstars on the team, you would definitely be the center of attention. Isn’t that what you want Dany boy?

This just shows the selfishness of some of today’s athletes. Don’t you wish the game was filled with people like the 1990’s Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Tom Glavine, three Hall of Fame pitchers who took salaries that were rumored to be $3 million less per year to stay with Atlanta? Or even, dare I say it, Cindy Crosby, who took $2 million less per year to stay in Pittsburgh? What about Brendan Shanahan, who took an incentive-laden contract to stay in New York?

What about the good old days when issues were settled behind closed doors? Players, and their agents, know that with today’s internet-based media and instant news that they can use the media to really push the public opinion. Usually it works too. I mean, you can drop a team name and an offer to a media outlet, and all of a sudden 10 other teams are coming up with better offers. It happens in baseball all the time, that’s why Scott Boras is the best agent in the land. The risk you run is if it doesn’t get settled quickly, you run the risk of people’s eyes bleeding every time they see another story about you. Don’t think it’s possible? Ask a baseball fan about steroids, and his eyes will bleed. He may even go into a seizure. It’s just that played out. Eventually, stories get to the point where no one cares.

Well done, Dany boy, no one cares about you anymore. You played this perfectly.

So my past two posts have been 350 words ranting about rumored trades, and 425 words ranting about Dany Heatley. Is it September yet?

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Enough on Heatley

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With the Gaborik signing, the Rangers essentially walked away from the table with the Sens. They simply do not have the cap room to take on another $7.5 million contract, and we all know Ottawa won’t be taking Redden back in a deal.

The choice between Gaborik or Heatley will always be debated. But look at it this way, it was either Gaborik with Dubinsky/insert 2 prospects here, or Heatley without Dubinsky and the prospects. When healthy, they are both comparable players with comparable salaries. Clearly, the issue here is his health.

The doctor that performed Gaborik’s hip surgeries, Dr. Marc Philippon, is the worlds’ top orthopedic surgeon, and has treated Mario Lemieux, and performed the same surgery for Alex Rodriguez and Michal Rozsival. It’s safe to say that Philippon has a very good reputation and recovery rate, at least when the player doesn’t rush back too soon (see: Rozsival, A-Rod).

So just, relax for a bit, and enjoy the fact that we have a top-5 winger in the organization, and it didn’t cost us anything other than money. Sometimes, the best deal you make is the deal you don’t make.

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That will shed some salary.

Wow. Way to go Slats.

More later, I’ll analyze the finances.

Guess this means no Heatley. Dubi stays for now.
Update 5:25pm: Details are in:

To Mtl: Gomez, Tom Pyatt, Mike Busto
To NYR: Higgins, Ryan McDonagh, Pavel Valentenko, Doug Janik

Salary dump, and a steal of one. Wow. Great job Slats.

Update 5:30pm: McDonagh was Montreal’s 1st round pick in 2007.

Update 5:35pm: Doug Janik in the deal too. Oh, and the details are on TSN, duh.

Update 5:53pm: Carp is reporting that Heatley is on his way (thanks Mike):

UPDATED, 5:31 P.M.: I’ve been told that Heatley is coming to the Rangers tonight. Not sure what the Rangers are giving up to get him, but they can fit him under the cap now.

Update 6:15pm: Lost in all this is the Rangers getting McDonagh, who was the Canadians best prospect. Sather absolutely fleeced Montreal.

Update 6:20pm: Expect more wheelin and dealin:


“We’ve got lots of cap room now, and it opens lots of options.”

Thinks Higgins will be a goal-scorer … was hurt three times last year. Likes the other two kids as future NHL players, too.

“Torts has talked about the young guys all year and we wanted to make some room for them, and we did.”

“Since this deal happened I’ve had three calls (from other teams), and it doesn’t take long for people to realize you’re going to make some changes.”

Update 8:50pm: It looks like the wheelin and dealin was just the Gomez deal. Doesn’t look like Heatley is coming to New York. I would rather the Rangers spend the cap space on a free agent scorer instead of dealing for one.

Just imagine how much more cap room they would have if they didn’t sign Redden. Sigh.

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Heatley Rumors, Again

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This time with players:

The possible scenarios: Rozsival-Dubinsky, a high-draft pick and a prospect; Zherdev-Dubinsky and a high pick. The Rangers apparently do not want to include Staal or Ryan Callahan or take any other player back, given the Heatley cap hit.

As already mentioned, the Sens have until midnight tonight before Heatley is due his bonus of $4 million. Expect him to be dealt soon. If he’s not dealt before tomorrow, he will not be dealt, period.

Before you get too emotional with dealing Dubinsky, ask yourself this question: Are the Rangers a better team after the trade?

The answer, is yes. They are, end of story. I really like Dubinsky, but to get Heatley, sorry kid, but adios. I may as well put this here, because I’m bound to get a text from my friend…sorry Becky. Your crush may head to Ottawa.

I like the Rozsival/Dubinsky deal more than the Zherdev/Dubinsky deal, because the Ranger have a big strength in both center depth and defense depth. The first rule of thumb when making a trade is to deal from a strength to fill a weakness.

Update 3:45pm: Forgot to add that I would prefer Girardi head over instead of Dubinsky, but I’m the only person who thinks that Girardi is expendable.

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TSN: Rangers in Final Two for Heatley

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TSN is reporting that the disgruntled Sens winger’s choices are down to two: the Rangers and the Oilers. With midnight tonight being the deadline to trade Heatley before his $4 million bonus is paid, you should expect some more heavy rumors involving Heatley right up to the very end. If the Sens can’t trade him, and pay the $4 million bonus, you can guarantee that he will not be moved. Ottawa right now believes they can get a Chris Pronger-esque package for Heatley, but what GM Bryan Murray fails to realize is that Pronger didn’t have $4 million coming to him at July 1. Very few teams can afford to take that hit.

Salary will have to go to the Sens to get the deal done, and Gomez or Rozsival will likely be heading the other way IF the deal gets done. It’s also safe to assume two of Korpo/Sangs/Cally/Dubi/Grachev/AA/DZ will be headed over, with some draft picks exchanging hands. There are too many different rumors of players involved for Heatley, so I’m just going to post on what it would definitely cost them. I guess I’m going to upgrade this from irresponsible rumormongoring to responsible rumormongoring.

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Dreger: Rangers in Top Three for Heatley

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As per Blueshirt Banter, Darren Dreger has reported that the Rangers are one of three teams (Sharks and Oilers) in the final running for Heatley. This is the second rumor we have heard about the Rangers closing in on Heatley. Again, the players rumored to be involved:

The players involved are Heatley(contract plus $4 mil bonus) to the Rangers for possibly Dubinsky, Stepan(on top line at Univ. of Wisconsin as a freshman),Voros(they like the “Neil Type”),and Rozsival.

There has to be a draft pick or two going each way to make this work. The salaries going each way work (Voros – $1 million, Rozsi – $5 million, Dubi – roughly $2 million after he resigns). Personally, I would prefer Zherdev goes to Ottawa in lieu of Dubinsky, I have grown rather attached to Dubinsky, but to get that go-to sniper, I wouldn’t exactly say no to this deal. It’s a bitter-sweet deal, but a good one nonetheless.

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OTG: Vinny/Heatley Rumors

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With both Heatley and Lecavalier on the trade block, you can’t help but look for rumors, or even generate some scenarios yourself. The guys over at Outside the Garden have noted some interesting trade rumors involving Dany Heatley and Vinny Lecavalier. I am very cautious when posting rumors, because there are some places that generate rumors left and right that I just don’t trust. I tend to only post rumors or ideas from established writers, or established rumor websites (Spectors, TFP). OTG, not known for irresponsible rumormonging, has these rumors that aren’t the fan generated rumors.

With the news that Heatley would accept a trade to the Rangers , it makes it even tougher to not believe the rumors you hear. OTG is citing sources that say the following:

The players involved are Heatley(contract plus $4 mil bonus) to the Rangers for possibly Dubinsky, Stepan(on top line at Univ. of Wisconsin as a freshman),Voros(they like the “Neil Type”),and Rozsival.

I’m guessing there would be some draft picks exchanging hands here as well, as there’s no way that’s enough to get Heatley, but that’s an interesting trade rumor. Heatley is 28, is a repeat-50 goal guy, and is signed through the 2013/2014 season at a $7.5 million cap hit. The numbers, with the Naslund retirement, work out for this year and give the Rangers enough money to resign Cally. What I am unsure of is if this gives the Rangers enough cap room to resign Staal and Girardi in the following offseason, especially with more rumors of the cap going down again that year. It depends on the cap number.

The other, and much better, rumor involved Vinny:

Another rumor is for Vinny L.(who gets paid cash $10 mil each year for the next 7 years). Tampa needs defencemen and are leaning to take Redden off our hands(to then but him out). Other players going to Tampa are rumored to be Girardi, Grachev,Zherdev, and Potter.

This one is just incredible because it involves getting rid of Redden. Lecavalier is currently 29, signed through 2019-2020 at a $7.72 million cap hit. The good part about his contract is that it is incredibly front-loaded, like the Zetterberg deal, and Vinny only makes $4 million in 2017-2018, $1.5 million in 2018-2019, and $1 million in 2019-2020. The numbers in this deal work too because of Redden heading to Tampa. This is a very steep price, as there would almost definitely be draft picks exchanging hands here as well, but to get rid of Redden and add a top flight scorer, it almost seems like a no-lose scenario.

The sick thing about both these rumors, is that the numbers work for both deals on their own, AND if they manage to pull off both trades. Essentially, by combining both trades, you are looking at bringing in Heatley and Lecavalier in exchange for Redden, Girardi, Grachev, Zherdev, Potter, Dubinsky, Stepan, Voros, Rozsival. I’m not sure I’m sold on trading three of our top six defensemen, plus our seventh defenseman, but doing one of the deals (preferably the Vinny deal) would definitely be doable.


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Heatley Wants Out

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Don’t forget to check out the post below on Jiri Hudler’s RFA status, and the pickle the Wings might be in.

Dany Heatley, just one year into his 6 year, $45 million contract ($7.5 million cap hit), has kindly asked the Ottawa Senators to trade him. Heatly, a go-to scoring winger, would definitely look very nice in Ranger Blue, but his most likely destination is California, to the Kings, in a deal centered around Jack Johnson, or to the Sharks in a deal centered around Patrick Marleau.

I’m actually going to go on the record, and say that if Heatly gets traded, it’s to the Kings or the Sharks.

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