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Dane Byers Recalled

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The Rangers have recalled Dane Byers this afternoon, but there was no word on P.A. Parenteau being sent to Hartford. As per Steve Zipay’s twitter, Marian Gaborik, Sean Avery, and Chris Higgins are all out tonight. Gaborik is out because of his injury, and it’s safe to assume Higgins is out because he forgot how to play hockey, but the Avery benching is a bit of a surprise. It’s clearly because of either an injury or a benching, but as of now, no word on what the reason is.

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Quick Salary Tidbits

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A lot of the recent Rangers signings have had undisclosed terms, so it’s been tough to find what they actually signed for. But here’s what I’ve b een able to find:

The entry level contracts on this list are Owens, Dowzak and Del Zotto, so they will be RFAs when the contracts expire. As for the rest, if they are going to be 27 when their contract expires, they will be UFAs, otherwise, they will be RFAs.

The Del Zotto signing, although looks expensive, is standard entry level contract (maximum of $850k base salary) plus bonuses, which bring the cap hit up. if he doesn’t participate in 11 NHL games, the payment slides a bit.

I have no idea when the Rangers signed Dowzak. I must have missed that. Can someone fill me in on when that happened?

Slats still has two key RFAs to sign (Lisin, Dubinsky), as I’m assuming Zherdev is gone. Lisin is important or else they just gave away Korpikoski for nothing.

Salary information courtesy of CapGeek.

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Ranger Tidbits

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Two little tidbits to help fill out the posting day:

  • Mara signed with Montreal, who seems to be signing everyone under the sun lately. They are the only team in the NHL with a larger roster turnover this year than the Rangers. Losing Mara’s locker room presence hurts more than losing Mara the player.
  • The Rangers signed Dane Byers, who will probably wind up on the 4th line out of camp this season. Terms are undisclosed as of now. I’ll update once the terms are released. Assume somewhere in the vicinity of $500,000-$600,000 range. Just a guess though, I don’t know what he made last year.

I would assume Slats is done wheelin’ and dealin’ for this offseason. The news about Dubinsky and Callahan should be coming in before July 20. I really don’t expect Callahan to go to arbitration, but filing for it protects him from qualifying offers. As for Dubinsky, he can still be the victim of a qualifying offer, but expect him to get signed to roughly 3 years/$6.75 million total.

The Depth Chart has been updated to reflect the Kotalik signing and the inevitable banishment of Nikolai Zherdev.

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