Game 38: Rangers vs. Devils

I don’t know about you guys, but it took a tiny little occurance called Christmas for me to forget about that brutal loss on Tuesday night. I mean, seriously. You’re up FOUR goals with a touch more than 35 minutes to play and one of the best netminders in the planet behind you. How do you let that one go?…

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Game 37: Rangers vs. Caps

After a surprisingly successful west coast trip, the Rangers are taking on the Washington Alexanders Capitals tonight. They will look to build on what has to be a confidence boost from last week: two wins in the LA area, and a dominant third period against the Sharks where they were one break away from tying the game. Corey Potter was…

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The Odd Joys of Even

It’s amazing how much we as fans rejoice when we see that players are on the plus side of the +/-stat. Nick Lidstrom has been hovering around +182,000 for his career, and he’s going down as one of top defensemen of all time. The Rangers as a team are -75. This, unlike Nick Lidstrom’s +182,000 above, is not an exaggeration….

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Yet Another Sundin Post (Updated)

It’s been a whole 12 hours without another Sundin post, so it’s about time we get one out there. Today is his decision day. Just so everyone is aware of the situation, Sundin will have to pass a physical before he actually signs. What does that mean to the Rangers? Simple, with the roster freeze coming, the Rangers simply will…

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Some Tidbits

After a very busy day of football and fixing things around the apartment, a few notes: Corey Potter will be traveling with the team on the west coast swing (as per Sam Weinman). This is probably a just in case scenario, as it is much tougher to get someone from Hartford to the west coast for a game. I’m hoping…

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Potter Down

In a stunning development, Corey Potter has been sent back to Hartford. In an equally stunning devlopment, Tom Renney will probably have a lineup shuffle for tomorrow’s game.

Corey Potter up

As per Sam Weinman, Corey Potter is up to replace Redden, and skating along side, well, Dmitri Kalinin.  I guess that’s why you have to be careful what you wish for.  There’s always a little twist.  Personally, I don’t see why you would put a call up with the worst defenseman on the team.  Hopefully Potter will play well, and…

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