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Don’t Worry About Bobby Farnham

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Bobby Farnham

This week has been chock full of important Rangers news, like the recent signing of Bobby Farnham to a PTO. While this may be cause for concern among some fans, I’m here to tell you that it’s all going to be fine. Farnham is likely just a body for preseason and maybe the AHL (if that), and while he might be someone AV tries out on the fourth line at absolute worst he’ll be Daniel Paille – around for a little while and eventually gone, as the ill-fitting nature of his inclusion on the roster becomes apparent.

Let’s start with the primary reason why they likely signed Farnham, who is more or less just an enforcer (although he scores once every year or so). Preseason is coming up, and since not everybody on the first team will show up in the few games that precede opening night against the Avs, somebody (literally almost anybody) needs to play hockey alongside the various youngsters that get a look. So enter Farnham, a warm body who’ll help to fill out the lineup in case any of the regulars have nagging injuries, oversleep, etc etc.

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Rangers invite Bobby Farnham to camp

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Bobby Farnham

The Rangers have invited forward Bobby Farnham to camp on a PTO. PTOs aren’t surprising, but Farnham as a choice certainly is. He’s a pure enforcer who doesn’t do much else.

A PTO isn’t a guaranteed contract. But AV loves his enforcers. So….I dunno.

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