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The first round is over, and now we are going to start getting into some tougher matchups for the Top Rangers Play Tournament. Today we see a pair of huge goals in the same series, with Derek Stepan’s series winner taking on Kreider’s Game 5 tying goal in the final minutes.

The Stepan series winner speaks for itself, as it was the first Game 7 OT series winner since Matteau. However without Kreider’s goal in Game 5, perhaps Stepan doesn’t even get a chance to win the series. Both are pivotal goals in the 2015 run.

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For the first time since Lockout II, we as Rangers’ fans embark on a season in which we have no realistic expectation of contention.  Last year, many of us could see leaks in the ship, but there was still talent in the lineup and a generational goaltender to keep our delusions intact.  Twelve months, an open letter to fans and a massive roster shake up later, we know that our beloved Blueshirts are rebuilding.

This is a transitional year in more ways than one.  While the team did a nice job in turning veterans into young assets and re-loading through the Draft, many of the organizations’ tippy top prospects aren’t ready for the bigs, just yet.  A couple are over in Russia and a few are in the NCAA/Junior ranks for the 2018-2019 season. As we wade into this unfamiliar territory where we know the team isn’t going to contend, but we aren’t really watching the full potential of the future either, I’ve been thinking about what are productive takeaways to be watching for next season. Read More→

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As expected, Henrik Lundqvist’s acrobatic windmill save took out Chris Kreider exploding onto the scene in 2012. Now we have a tough one, with the epic “Can You Hear Us” chant taking on Kreider (again), this time his tying goal in Game 3 against Montreal. Both were amazing moments, but both preceded defeat in their games.

I was at the Can You Hear Us game, and it was one of the best moments I’ve had at a game. Of course it ended in the 2OT loss, and then the night ended for me by being the last person at MSG, and security coming up to me (and Becky) and saying we need to leave. I just kinda sat there, stunned. Kudos to Becky for leaving me alone and letting me sulk.

(8) Can You Hear Us

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As expected, Derek Stepan’s overtime winner beat out Ryan Callahan’s gutty shift in Winnipeg. This round won’t be so easy, with two critical goals in the 2014 and 2015 playoff runs. The first is Chris Kreider’s goal in Game 5 against Washington in 2015 that tied the game late and paved the way for a dramatic comeback. The second is Dom Moore’s Game 6 goal against Montreal in 2014 that wound up sending the Rangers to the Stanley Cup Final.

(8) Kreider’s Game 5 Goal

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Thoughts following the 2018 NHL Draft

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Happy Friday, BSB community! Last Friday evening, the Rangers embarked on the organization’s most important Draft in quite some time.  Seven rounds worth of picks (10 total) and a couple of trades took place, which made clear the team is maintaining a long-range view with their re-build strategy.  No big splashes, no connections to pricey free agents, just a pure drafting and developing strategy.  As you can imagine after all that, I have some thoughts…

1. On the day of the Draft, I wrote an article on what was at stake for the organization.  The two things I wanted to see was a clear organizational philosophy about how to move forward with the re-build and to see some prudent asset management.  I think we got shades of both of those things.  I think the organizational philosophy is pretty clear long-term, but not so much in the short term.  All three first round picks are at least a year away from The Show and the Rangers did a pretty decent job of trying to swing for elite talent.  Asset management evaluation was a little difficult because the Rangers only made two trades, both pick for pick moves involving no NHL players.  Read More→

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olof lindbom

Picking up where we left off this morning. Here is Part Two of of the 2018 draft review.

Round 2 Pick 39, Olof Lindbom G

The pick that ended the world. I get the outrage about the pick, trust me I was mad too. I wanted a forward and do not get the logic about selecting a goalie when we are pretty stacked at that position. That said,  I try to only focus at the picks at hand, this guy is a Ranger, it is unhealthy to look at who was selected after. Also, lets stop caring about what the Islanders do, yes they looked like they had a great draft but at the end of the day they do not matter to the players the Rangers want to develop and finally, how many drafts actually work out in which the central scouting rankings are the exact ways in which players end up NHLers.

Back to Olof. Unfortunately, I do not know much about goaltenders, outside of the ones I like to focus on in Russia. I can’t comment on his style but I can make a few comments about the pick. First, I don’t like that his sv% is under .900 normally for a goalie to be successful you want domination or at the very least success at these lower leagues. On the other hand when playing for the Swedish national prospect team his numbers rise to .949 and .910 in the U18 and U20 tournaments respectively. When the difference is this stark I tend to see the quality of play of the other goaltender on his junior team and Rosengren who is 2 years older had a .920 SV%. I personally don’t see the excitement that the Rangers management saw in Lindbom but clearly the Rangers loved him and think Allaire can work his magic. He was not the #1 ranked goalie and taking him at 39 certainly shows how much they love him. Lets hope it works out.

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vitali kravtsov

The 2018 Draft has come and passed. In the first real draft of the rebuild, the Rangers have supplemented the 2017 first rounders that were able to debut on Broadway this spring with three more first rounders. Over the last couple of years, I have noticed a few strategies, or trends with the Rangers in their selection of prospects. First, I feel like they acquire positions in bunches. When we had no goaltenders in the system the Rangers went on a run in three drafts and were able to select goaltenders to revamp the prospect pool along with adding a few undrafted.

The 2017 draft seemed to revolve around building through the middle as the Rangers selected Chytil, Andersson and even Barron to give them centers with varying levels of offensive potential to blend with a fairly young group of top-dix centers in Zibanejad and Hayes. During the deadline the Rangers built upon that center depth by getting Howden but they also seemed to focus on getting defensemen that can play a puck moving game. Rykov, Lindgren, and Hajek provided the Rangers a group of defensemen that all seem like they can be quality pros at the same time.

In this 2018 draft we see a continuation of this as in the 10 selections that were made, 6 defensemen were chosen. If I were a betting man, I would expect the Rangers to select some more wingers in next year’s draft or get some wing prospects in the highly anticipated trades.

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2018 NHL Draft Day 2 Open Thread

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The second day of the 2018 NHL Draft is upon us, and if you’re like me, you’re sleepy and trying to stay awake. Barring any trades, the Rangers have the following picks:

  • 2nd round (8th pick) – 39th overall
  • 3rd round (8th pick) – 70th overall
  • 3rd round (26th pick) – 88th overall
  • 4th round (8th pick) – 101st overall
  • 5th round (8th pick) – 132nd overall
  • 6th round (8th pick) – 163rd overall

We will be updating this regularly, so stay tuned.

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2018 NHL Draft: First Round Open Thread

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The 2018 NHL Draft is upon us. As of the writing of this post, the Rangers hold the 9th, 26th, and 28th picks in the first round. Of course that could change at any point, as the draft is where we see a good amount of action. This post is going to be updated throughout the draft, so stay tuned!

There are a bunch of Rangers rumors from throughout the day, so here’s a quick rundown:

  • There is a lot of smoke around Kevin Hayes, potentially to Calgary, but there is no interest in Dougie Hamilton. Sights could be set on Adam Fox or Sam Bennett, but Travis Hamonic’s name came up.
  • The Rangers appear to be in on a salary dump involving Milan Lucic.
  • The Rangers want to move up in the draft.

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joe veleno

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Our draft preview continue, this time with guys that the Rangers may be looking at for the end of the first round. The Blueshirts have the 26th (Bruins) and 28th (Lightning) picks in this draft, in addition to the 9th overall. Many expect the Rangers to package the later picks to move up, but there is still a very realistic scenario in which they stand pat and make all three picks.

Joseph Veleno

Veleno is one of those kids that is very high ceiling, and may actually slip in the draft. The 6’1″, 195 lb center finished a solid draft year in the QMJHL, putting up 22-57-79 in 64 games with St. John’s and Drummondville. Veleno has size, speed, skating, playmaking, and vision.  Veleno was just the fifth player to be granted “exceptional status” in the CHL, meaning he could play in the league at 15 years old.

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