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Episode 17 of the Blue Seat Blogs-cast!

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This week on the Blue Seat Blogs-cast we unpack the recent Stanley Cup Final, discuss front office philosophy, and do a little trade talk. As always you can find us right here, on Soundcloud, and on iTunes.

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Musings: World Cup Edition

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Courtesy NHL/PA

Courtesy NHL/PA

With the playoffs potentially ending tonight, the focus will shift to the draft, free agency, and the World Cup. Rosters were finalized about two weeks ago, and can be found courtesy of Sports Illustrated here.

Since there is really no cohesive way to jump from team to team, I’ve assembled my thoughts in lazy summer Sunday bulletpoints:  Read More→

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A deep dive into Chris Kreider’s numbers

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A short while back I had a discussion on twitter with a few people regarding the way Chris Kreider played this past season. Following a decent bit of conversation regarding perceptions of Kreider I was linked to a chart by Ian Fleming that showed Kreider’s meaningful production and decided to do more of a deep dive into how number 20 played this past season, and how that does or does not fit with perceptions of how he played last season.

Below you can find the aforementioned chart, where although his name is not visible, Fleming reports that Kreider is the only Ranger in the top right quadrant also in the top 100 primary points/60 in the league (I’m taking him at his word). What this indicates is that not only does Kreider at or above the league median in terms of individual shot attempts per 60 minutes, he’s also at or above the league median in terms of high danger scoring chances per 60 minutes.

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Gordie Howe dies

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A true hockey icon and legend has passed, as Gordie Howe has died, according to several reports. Howe was a legend and a true iron man, playing professional hockey into his 50s. His 801 goals and 1,850 points were league records until a kid named Gretzky came along.

The Rangers infamously had Howe in their grasp, but let the then 15-year-old go back home after a rough experience at a pro training camp in 1943. The rest, as they say, is history.

RIP, Mr. Hockey.

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A subtle distinction

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Photo Credit: @GraphicComments

With the Sharks 4-2 win last night in game 5, the 2015-2016 season lasts just a little bit longer. Once Lord Stanley has found his summer home, we move on proper to the business of improving the New York Rangers. Much digital ink has been spilled, including some stellar pieces around these parts, about who should stay or go, cap math and statistical analysis. This morning, I want to talk about some subtle distinctions.

I was having a beer with a buddy of mine yesterday afternoon. I grew up playing with this guy, and we been friends and Rangers fans for over 20 years. We started talking about the team; who we liked, who was overpaid, who should be shipped out and replaced in an effort to re-tool the roster back to a legitimate contender. It occurred to me during this conversation, partly because of our dynamic, that it kind of sounded like those old school scouting conversations. He isn’t much of an advanced stats guy, so we were talking like it was the 90’s. Read More→

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The deadline to sign draftees is June 1 two years following their draft year (for the most part, there are exceptions for NCAA/Euros). For the Rangers, this means that 2014 draftees must be signed by midnight tonight. Keegan Iverson (3rd) and Ryan Mantha (4th) remain unsigned, and appear to be on the verge of being let go by the Rangers.

Iverson, who was drafted with the pick acquired from Vancouver for Derek Dorsett, was a questionable pick when made. The 6’1, 218 lb forward scored 22 goals in his draft year, but has seen his goal and point totals slip in subsequent years. Junior hockey players are supposed to see improvements in scoring as they get older and more mature than their teenage counterparts. Iverson did not.

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Although this past season certainly didn’t end the way fans wanted it to, and the regular season had its own fair share of disappointment, one of the brightest spots for the Rangers was the continued development of Oscar Lindberg and Jesper Fast.

The two of them were juggled around a bit, but each player demonstrated a solid two way game and managed to put up some points as well. While Fast found himself often in the top six, much to some fans’ frustration, Lindberg found himself continuously scratched towards the end of the season.

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Sean Avery to act, apparently

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to instill some humor on the blog in the stressful times that are the playoffs. This time, the laugh/smile comes from good ole Sean Avery. Avery, who hasn’t fished his skates out of the Hudson yet, apparently landed a role in Patriot’s Day, a Mark Wahlberg movie about the Boston Marathon bombing.

Honestly, I’m surprised that he hasn’t received more attention for his acting. He killed it in Avatar and Terminator.

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Kudos to the Rangers, who are taking the first step in combating ticket brokers. Yesterday they sent an email to an unnamed number of season ticket holder accounts, removing their ability to renew season tickets. No single season ticket holder will be able to control more than eight season tickets, and are making an attempt to identify season ticket holders that are a part of a larger conglomerate of ticket holders.

This is the first step in ensuring more fans can get in the door at hopefully lower prices on the secondary market. Face value of tickets won’t be affected by this, but the secondary market prices might see a drop. Well done, Rangers.

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Episode 8 of the Blue Seat Blogs-cast

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This week on the Blue Seat Blogs-cast we talk about the preliminary rosters for the World Cup of Hockey, initial impressions of Eric Staal, and thoughts on resting Henrik Lundqvist. As always you can find us here, on Soundcloud, and on iTunes. Thanks for listening and be sure to join us next week!

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