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Season’s Greetings from BSB

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From the entire BSB family: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus, Happy New Year, Happy whatever holiday you celebrate. Use this as your open thread for today. Hockey is on its second day of the mandated three day break for the holidays. However there are two football games on TV today. I think there’s some basketball too, but to be honest, I don’t follow the NBA.

Just for some fun:

  • What did you want for the holidays? Did you get it?
  • Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, or Merry Christmas? Does it matter
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Two angles of Cody Eakin’s dirty hit on Henrik Lundqvist.

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Rangers top Hawks in OT

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AP Photo/Matt Marton

AP Photo/Matt Marton

The Rangers won the second game of their back to back set on Friday, with Nick Holden scoring the lone goal of the game in OT to cap it all off. Unfortunately I fell asleep for parts of the game but I did see a good portion of it, and I feel comfortable saying that the Rangers played a much better game than they did against Winnipeg, and a much better game than their recent form in general.

Although there were stretches of struggle for the Rangers during parts of the first and second period, with a couple of shifts in particular sticking out in my mind as areas for improvement, on the whole they carried more of the game than Chicago did. A few quick comments before I pass out:

  • First of all, this game was solid evidence that a game does not necessarily need to be high-scoring to be exciting. Both goalies were back-ups and played out of their minds, with the two teams trading odd-man rushes at different points in the game. Overall just a great thing to see two goalies one-upping each other like that, although obviously Raanta was better n the end.
  • No, these past two games does not mean there’s now a goalie controversy in New York. Hank is still the number one, and if you need convincing otherwise we’re probably going to disagree on a lot of stuff.

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Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Use this as your open thread for the day. There’s a lot of football on today, 3 good games. Also it looks like the Rangers need to protect Rick Nash in the expansion draft, per Sportsnet.

You all know the commenting guidelines. Enjoy the day!

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This is a bit alarming, as MSG Inc has reported a year-long credit card breach at five of its locations. Those locations: MSG, Theater at MSG, Radio City, Beacon Theater, and Chicago Theater. The breach took place between November 9, 2015 through October 24 of this year.

I’m posting this here because as a Rangers site, it is my guess that a number of people here have gone to and used their credit cards at MSG over the past year. Every concession stand, every vendor. Everywhere.

Please monitor your credit card and bank account statements. Take the necessary action to make sure you are not the victim of fraudulent activities.

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Are these Rangers for real?

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Although I haven’t had the opportunity to catch much of the games lately (to be rectified now that the Western Canada road trip is over, of course), my understanding is that things are still going well for the Rangers, and in particular, they’re still getting solid scoring chances night in, night out. We talked a bit about this on the most recent podcast – how even though the Rangers’ CF% isn’t looking so hot and there may be some drop off in wins as a result, their SCF% (scoring chances for) is pretty good, and this is indicative of the team being more than just a flash in the pan a la last season’s hot start.

As some of you may know, I also write occasionally for NHLNumbers.com, where a recent article by the esteemed Loserpoints explored the concept of scoring chances and how to best statistically encapsulate who is in fact getting the most high-end chances. I highly recommend this article, as it does a really great job of explaining what’s pushing the envelope in statistical analysis these days, in particular expected goals (or xG), in an intuitive and easy to understand way. I’m not really a math guy, although I do like statistics, and even I found it easy to understand.

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Blue Seat Blogs-cast Episode 27

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On Episode 27 of the Blue Seat Blogs-cast we recap the Rangers’ recent scoring craze, talk a little bit about what’s driving their prolific offense these days, and discuss what it would take to pry away the recently re-signed Jacob Trouba from Winnipeg. As always you can find us right here, on SoundCloud, and on iTunes.

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AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

The Rangers opened the preseason in emphatic fashion, dominating the Islanders in a 5-2 win. The Isles had a split squad, so the domination should be taken with a grain of salt, but there were a ton of positives to take away from this game. The goalies looked good, the offense and powerplay were clicking, and the defense –while it had its breakdowns– looked better than most of last year.

This was just the first preseason game, but it looks like the offseason moves are already paying dividends. Goal breakdowns aren’t as useful in the preseason, so here’s bullet points on what I observed throughout the game:

  • The PK and the defense opened the game like they closed out last season: Lost. They left a few guys open in front, leading to a prime chance and the eventual Jason Chimera goal.
  • The powerplay though, wow. That’s why they got Mika Zibanejad. He can really fire the puck. Adam Clendening looked at home up top too. Pavel Buchnevich drew attention in the high slot of the 1-3-1, and Brandon Pirri showed he could move the puck. Just a great powerplay.

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Ranger fan in need of help to help others

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The below is a guest post written Dan McCurry, a long time reader of BSB (he actually was one of the winners in the Dylan McIlrath bobble-fist giveaway we did here a few years ago). Danny is a public middle school teacher in Brooklyn, teaching History, and is trying to get donations for his classroom through a nonprofit organization called Donors Choose. Most of his students and their families have a tough time making ends meet and through this project, he’s able to supply them with everything they need for the upcoming school year. All donations go towards supplies for his students. 

Hello my fellow Rangers brethren! I’m Dan, 31 years old and I’ve been a Rangers fan for the last 22 years. I started playing hockey and falling in love with our beloved Blueshirts in 1994 when I was 9 years old, which as we all know, was a pretty magical year. I would love to go on about my Rangers fandom (like how my brothers and I have the ‘94 Stanley Cup video memorized word for word, you know you want to try one of Glenn Anderson’s mom’s famous salmon sandwiches!) but I’m actually here writing to ask all my Rangers fans for a little help.

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My all-time favorite

Welcome to the 5th Annual Pre-season Top 30 Goaltenders List. It’s that time of year again, and after five years of putting this list together, the one thing I have learned is the value of consistency. Many a goaltender has now passed through this list with worlds of talent and bright futures’ ahead. The NHL, however, often has other ideas. The mainstays at the top are some of the most talented and hard working athletes on the planet, and it is truly a pleasure to watch them work.

This year’s list felt a little bit thinner than in seasons’ past, as performance attrition reared its ugly head on more than a few tenders this season, both vets and rookies, alike. There are a few bounce back performances and some steady steps forward, but I feel like this list has been scrambled quite a bit over last season. Read More→

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