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DobberHockey’s Fantasy Hockey Guide

I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary copy of DobberHockey’s Fantasy Hockey Guide (available for purchase here), and these guys did a tremendous job putting it together. If you are big into Fantasy Hockey, the guide takes an in-depth look at who to draft for your league. They look at puck possession metrics, PDO (puck luck), zone starts, and quality of competition to accurately predict who will have big years, and who will be sleeper picks for this season. They also look into toughness of the schedule for each team, which is a factor in picking your goaltenders (back to back games, etc).

It’s pretty cheap ($9.99) and is available in PDF format. With our BSB draft coming up next week, I’ll be reading through this to get my advantage.

Latest round of pad reductions illustrates need for more effective advocacy for goaltenders



The other day, I was reading one of my favorite goalie-related publications, InGoal Magazine.  There was a fantastic article about some NHL tendys giving their thoughts on the new equipment sizing and some of the difficulties the changes pose.  After reading the article and seeing some of the drastic reductions in size, I started thinking about the involvement of the Union and the type of representation that goalies are receiving during this type of transition.

There has been talk of allowing goalies up until the Olympic break to comply with the new rules, and further talk of revisiting the measurements in the off-season (not to see if they are effective, mind you, but to take another crack at reductions).  After examining all the information from the article and investigating further into the compromise made with regard to the reduction formula, I arrived at the conclusion that goalies are not being advocated for properly in the new-NHL. Read more »

Announcing the winners of the BSB off-season plan contest

Happy Friday BSB’ers!  It is my pleasure to reveal the identities of our three finalists for the off-season plan contest.  Drum roll please…

In Third-place, the Bronze Medal goes to: Robin Grau

In Second-place, the Silver Medal goes to: Michael Seidell (commenting handle Seahorse)

And our winner and Gold Medalist is, with over 50% of the total community vote: Tommy Tabasco (Tommy T, around these parts)  Throw him a follow on Twitter- @ttabasco13

Be on the look out for a guest-post from Tommy T in the near future, and thanks again to everyone who participated in the contest.  It was a lot of fun.  If you guys and gals have any other ideas like this and our Best Ranger Post-Lockout Contest, drop us a line and let us know.

Voting for Offseason Plan Contest

Be sure to vote for Finalist #1, Finalist #2, or Finalist #3 in our Off Season Plan Contest in the poll on the right.

Presenting the 2013-2014 BSB off-season plan contest finalists

Happy Friday, BSBer’s.  Today is the day we unveil the Top-3 entries of our off-season plan contest.  We will be running all three posts today at 8, 9, and 10am and opening up the site poll once the last entry is posted.  We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who contributed to this contest.  There were many high-quality plans and ideas submitted, and we regret we cannot include everyone’s.  Just a few things to remember…

  • Feel free to use the comments section of each post for discussion/debate/feedback.  I’m sure the authors would love to hear your thoughts on their plans, and it should be interesting to compare them to how the Rangers actually went about their business.  This should go without saying, but there will be a zero-tolerance policy for malicious comments or name calling. Have a good time with it.
  • We are going to withhold the identity of each author until the final votes are tallied.  Once the winner is announced, the identity of all three finalists will be revealed.  Congrats again to our finalists.
  • Let’s try to be responsible with the voting.  Only one vote per person.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed, make sure to vote in the sidebar and give some quality feedback to our finalists.  This was a difficult and time consuming task, but hopefully it was rewarding for all of you and we look forward to crowning a champion!

Rangers ink Benoit Pouliot

This is a bit late, but the Rangers have inked forward Benoit Pouliot to a one year, $1.3 million deal. Pouliot has been one of the top P/60 guys in the league over the past few years, and was at 2.44 P/60 last season. He will serve as a depth forward to provide tertiary scoring. In the grand scheme of things, having a guy that can put up over 2.0 P/60 for less that $2 million is a solid signing.

The Rangers also signed defenseman Aaron Johnson to a one year, $600,000 deal. Johnson is likely depth defense and will play in Hartford this season.

Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks, the model franchise

Last night the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Boston Bruins 3-2 to earn their 5th Stanley Cup Championship and 2nd since the ’05 lockout. Not every team that wins a Cup should be a model that other teams should try to emulate, but it’s hard if not impossible to argue against following the Blackhawks blueprint.

They have a fantastic owner in Rocky Wirtz, who has quickly erased the memory of his father who almost ran that organization into the ground. They have one of the best general managers in the game in Stan Bowman. And they have one of the best coaches in Joel Quenneville. Their roster talent, leadership and depth speaks for itself.

Hockey fans around the globe should take note at how they’ve rebuilt this great franchise. It starts through the draft first and foremost. Trades second. And filling holes via free agency last. Ownership also stuck by their coach when many fans wanted to see Joel get fired last season when they hit a snag. At that time, their powerplay was flat, he was constantly tinkering with lines, and he wanted to stick with his systems when the fans were demanding change. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Anyway, congrats to their organization, their team and their fans. It’s always good to see an original six team hoist hardware.

Friday chat reminder

Well, we’ve sure got a lot to talk about this week, huh?  Be here this afternoon at 3:30pm for the weekly live chat!  The chat goes live at 3:15pm so you can queue your questions up and we will get going at 3:30.  See everyone this afternoon.

Friday chat reminder

Just a quick reminder, the BSB live chat will begin at 3pm this afternoon.  Make sure you stop by between 2:45 and 3pm and load your questions up in the queue.  See everyone then!

Special Thursday chat reminder

Just a quick reminder, this week’s live chat will be held this afternoon at 3pm, rather than tomorrow.  How convenient, since it’ll act as a pre-game chat for Game One of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals tonight in Boston.  See everyone this afternoon!