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Sorry, no chat this afternoon

Sorry everyone, but we have to cancel today’s Friday live chat due to my penultimate law school final exam.  Unfortunately, none of the other guys are available today.  Next week, the chat will be held on Thursday at 3pm instead of Friday, since I’m graduating that day.  If anyone has specific questions they wanted answered today, feel free to either email me or leave them in the comments and I can prepare a mailbag for either one day this weekend or the beginning of next week.

Rangers to face Washington in opening round

With Ottawa’s regulation loss against Philly tonight, the Rangers have locked in the number 6 seed and a date with the Caps in the first round.

Sorry, no chat today

Sorry everyone, we are still getting account issues worked out with ScribbleLive.  We will definitely be good go next week, I promise.

Friday chat reminder

Just a quick reminder, be here for our weekly live chat this afternoon at 3pm.  We’re talking dropped points, the trade deadline, anything you folks want.  See everyone at 3pm!

Sunday morning read: The Dominic Moore story

This piece made the rounds on Twitter a week ago, but for those who haven’t read this, you really should. Sarah Hampson of The Globe and Mail sat down with Dominic Moore, not to discuss hockey, but to discuss his life. This is truly a heartbreaking piece.

Click here to read the article. It shows us that no matter how much we love the game, there’s more to life than hockey.

Friday chat reminder

Happy Friday BSB faithful!  Just a friendly reminder, we will be having our weekly chat today at 3pm.  Make sure to drop by with questions!  See everyone this afternoon.

Book review: Battle On The Hudson: The Devils, The Rangers, And The NHL’s Greatest Series Ever

Battle On the Hudson

Battle On the Hudson

Recently I was given the privilege of reviewing the book Battle On The Hudson: The Devils, The Rangers, And The NHL’s Greatest Series Ever. The book –written by Tim Sullivan with a foreword from Stephane Matteau– takes an in-depth dive into the rise of the Devils and the Rangers in the early 90s, and how those two teams wound up meeting in the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals. It also dives into each game, and how momentum was able to change so quickly.

The foreword from Matteau documents his feelings when he was traded to the Rangers, and how that feeling changed right as he arrived. He also goes into the locker room and describes the feelings of the club heading into Game Six.

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Sorry, no goal breakdown

Last night was one of those rare nights where none of the five of us were available to write the goal breakdown. Suit, Kevin and I were stuck at our respective work places, Chris is in Germany, and Justin was unavailable. Use this to discuss the game if you want. Sorry about that.

BSB Fantasy Hockey League

Since there’s a hockey season, it’s time to start up the BSB Fantasy Hockey League again. I’ve created a league on Yahoo with the following credentials:

League ID: 63003Password: rangers2013

Categories for skaters are: Goals (G), Assists (A), Plus/Minus (+/-), Powerplay Points (PPP), Shots on Goal (SOG), Faceoffs Won (FW), Hits (HIT), Blocks (BLK). Goalie stats are: Wins (W), Losses (L), Goals Against Average (GAA), Save Percentage (SV%), Shutouts (SHO).
Roster size: C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, D, D, D, D, Util, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR, IR.

The league is an 18 team league, and it is first come first serve. Draft is Thursday at 9:30 p.m.

Please leave a comment here when you sign up with your team name. My team name is Don’t Toews Me Bro. I know it’s old, but it’s a classic.

The Iron Sheik hates the lockout too; 8-bit NES NHL Lockout game

It’s always interesting to see which celebrities speak out against the NHL lockout. For those of you who remember old school WWF wrestling, then you know of The Iron Sheik. Apparently the Sheik is a big hockey fan, and he isn’t too pleased with the lockout:

The NHL you are no good piece of ** **** you insult the fans you make me mad. You can go *** yourself worse than the oj Simpson

Obviously he’s just slightly angry with the lockout.

Also, for those of you who want a little 8-bit version of the lockout, here’s a Nintendo version of the NHL lockout (s/t to NY Rangers Blog for this):