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Early season trade rumors

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Trade Bait out west

Trade Bait out west

Ahh November, the second full month of hockey when everyone’s beginning to shake the dust off and come into their true 2015-16 form. It’s when teams are beginning to either warm up or fizzle out, when the teams you expect to be in first are and those that have started hot can really prove themselves. it’s when your Saturday fantasy teams are so packed that you definitely have to bench a guy who’s playing tonight — and flip out when they score some goals.

Apparently, it’s also the time that the rumor mill gets started and hot takes heat up. Last week, trade rumors came about for two forwards from the West, one of whom made Rangers twitter a complete nut house and pretty unbearable in general. Yes, more unbearable than usual. Read More→

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Henrik Lundqvist sat down with Bloomberg Television’s Scarlet Fu the other day to speak about his philanthropic efforts. He said “I wanted to reach people back home and other places around the world and also start thinking about life after my career.”

The full interview can be viewed here.

The transcript, courtesy of Bloomberg TV, is below.

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A quick Sunday rant

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I’ll preface this short post by letting you know that this will be a rant. The Rangers game last night wasn’t pretty, and after reading Alain Vigneault’s comments about the current roster situation yesterday, one has to wonder if there will be changes tonight. But I think that this tweet I posted last night is really the most concise way to say how I feel about things right now:

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Got $50,000? Then you can buy the 1994 MSG rink

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This was emailed to me today, and I have to admit I have no idea what to make of it. Apparently the MSG rink (no ice, obviously) is up for auction by Goldin Auctions. You’d buy the entire rink, boards, plexi glass, etc. It’s autographed by a few players. Doesn’t look like any proceeds go to charity.

Bidding starts at $50,000. Sell a kidney or two and you should be able to get in on that bid.

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The Rangers need Rick Nash to find his feet.

The Rangers need Rick Nash to find his feet.

Rangers special teams costing the Rangers games – already.

Some things remain the same? The Rangers powerplay is already costing the team games. It’s possible to win the Stanley Cup without a functioning powerplay. Boston did it a few years back but it’s certainly a lot easier to win the holy grail – and more realistic – to have at least a competent unit. The Rangers don’t have one, yet they have the personnel where it should rank at least in the top half of the league. A unit that features Nash, Yandle, Stepan and Kreider should be better. There is no movement, there is a lack of willingness to shoot. It’s only five games in but the inept powerplay could undermine the Rangers if Alain Vigneault can’t inject some life into the unit.

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MSG’s “Beginnings” premiers tomorrow with J.T. Miller

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The new season of “Beginnings” will premier tomorrow after the post-game with J.T. Miller. Here’s the press release, with the full “Beginnings” schedule for the season.

Season Five of the MSG Original Series Goes Back Home with Sports Stars and Legends Beginning Tuesday, October 13 with J.T. Miller

New Episodes Also Feature – Kevin Hayes, JB Smoove, Charles Smith, John Moore

New York, NY (October 12, 2015) – MSG Networks announced today that the award-winning original series “Beginnings,” presented by Audi, will return for a fifth season premiering on Tuesday, October 13 at 10:30 p.m. The program, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at where and how some of the greatest New York athletes and celebrities got started, kicks off with an all-new episode featuring J.T. Miller. The young, Rangers forward invites the MSG Network cameras to East Palestine, Ohio to get a look at his childhood beginnings. The episode’s premiere will follow complete coverage of the Rangers-Jets game at Madison Square Garden.

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“The AV Squad” returns tomorrow

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“The AV Squad” will return tomorrow night at 6pm, just before the pregame for the Blue Jackets/Rangers game. Below is the full press release.



New York, NY (October 8, 2015) – MSG Network announced today its original program The AV Squad, featuring New York Rangers head coach Alain Vigneault, will return this season premiering on Friday, October 9 at 6:00 p.m. leading into MSG’s coverage of the Rangers matchup against the Columbus Blue Jackets at 6:30 p.m.

Hosted by Bill Pidto, the biweekly program features Vigneault and other coaches and players, as they take fans on a behind-the-scenes look at the New York Rangers with special access to practice, film room sessions and in-depth player analysis.

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chris kreider

Kreider is on the cusp of seriously cashing in.
(Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The New York Rangers ought to be concerned and not necessarily because of Derek Stepan’s current contract situation but because of the looming contract issues that currently sit just over the horizon. The NHL annual free agency frenzy was surprisingly (and encouragingly) muted this summer but don’t let that fool you.

The leagues’ posse of general managers realised value for money wasn’t there, perhaps money and internal resources weren’t there to spend and as a result we saw a lot less head scratching moves made. However, some of the contracts that were dished out bordered on the ridiculous. And it starts with arguably the most exciting player to be moved this week in Brandon Saad who joined Columbus in a multi-player swap.

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Why to watch the Stanley Cup Final

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Last Saturday was a very, very strange day in Rangersland. So many of us were either angry, or in denial, or still numb to the incredulous feeling of losing a Game 7 at the Garden. I thought for sure one thing would be true, with 2012 as a good indicator: the 2014-15 NHL season was over.

Laying out beside a pool with two of my diehard Ranger fan friends, we went through most of the motions of grieving. There was anger, questioning, bargaining, heck I think I got choked up once or twice… but then something strange happened. We remembered that there was a Game 7 that night, and we made plans to head out that night to watch it.

How could that be? We’re Rangers fans, man, this was our year. We can’t watch anymore. The only benefit of losing in the 2014 Stanley Cup Final is that after that, it was over, there was no worrying about who you wanted to win the Cup. Sadly, last year also taught us that the offseason is very, very long. When you get excited to watch a replayed TOR-ANA game live in a bar in Toronto, you know the withdrawal is real.

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2015 BSB off-season plan contest

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One of the silver linings to the Rangers’ season ending in slightly premature fashion is that we have opportunity to bring back the BSB Off-Season Plan Contest. We first launched this little exercise in the summer of 2013 and it was a tremendous success. Since there are so many moving parts up in the air this summer, there should be ample opportunity for creative maneuverings.

The rules are fairly simple. You, the wonderful BSB community, will submit an off-season proposal to the writing staff. You will have all of the existing cap space and assets of the organization at your disposal to sign players, make trades, call up young players and re-sign/extend current players. Your plan should be a comprehensive outline detailing your goals and plan of attack for the roster, taking us from draft day to the start of training camp. Read More→

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